Bachelorette Watch Party, Part Two

Today I’m doing part two of my Bachelorette Watch Party – the food! If you missed yesterday’s post about decoration and activity ideas, you can read it here. And full disclosure this really should be labeled Part Three because when I sat down to write this post the first time all my photos read as FILE ERROR on my camera, so I had to reset everything and recreate it…but I digress 😉

I kept the appetizer ideas simple and quick, so they could come together after a day at work! The first treat is chocolate fondue with strawberries. I’ve had this fondue pot forever, and I always enjoy bringing it out for parties. It’s easy and fun! My set comes with colored skewers to make it easy for my guests to keep track of their own utensil, which I love. If you don’t have a fondue pot, you could do a bowl of dipping chocolate or make chocolate covered strawberries in advance.


Another appetizer idea is crackers, fig jam, and cheese. This has been a go-to appetizer for me for a while because I’m obsessed with fig jam and Beechers cheese – YUM. I put this appetizer out on my favorite cheese board, which is made from an old wine barrel, but it would also look fab on a glass or paper plate that matches your party decor.


And the star of the food table is these Stud Muffins (I call them muffins, because then it’s okay to eat them the next morning for breakfast!). These are banana muffins with a peanut butter frosting and They. Are. Yummy. And again with the best laid plans – I really wanted to print off pictures of all the bachelorette’s “studs” and use those as my muffin toppers, but my printer was not my friend today, so the strawberries came to my rescue. I love doing small slices in each strawberry and then fanning it out to add just a little something extra.

FullSizeRender (5)

And, of course every cocktail party needs some drinks. I brought out my favorite champagne and rosé, and updated the sign I showed you yesterday to now read “Will you accept this rosé?” and the drinks were ready!


So, there you have it! When all was said and done, I’d say the prep for this party took about two hours, so with some pre-prep on Sunday, you could be totally ready to host some friends yourself next Monday night.


Here’s hoping JoJo finds true love during what I’m sure will be the most dramatic season in Bachelor history. 😉

Party on!


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