#tbt: Dinosaur Party Makeover

Hi there! I’m back after a blogging break while my parents were in town. My mom brought me a bunch of photos from the birthday parties she threw for my brother and me when we were young. So for today’s #tbt I’m showcasing one of those parties and giving ideas to modernize it!

This party was a dinosaur theme for my brother’s birthday one year. My brother LOVED dinosaurs, and most of his gifts on this birthday were dinosaur toys, books, and a couple awesome 3D dinosaur puzzles.

Dinosaur Party

Don’t you love those sweet treat bags?! I’d totally use those for a retro vibe in a remake party. We did a dinosaur dig at my brother’s party, and according to Pinterest, that’s still a popular idea. Here are some other dinosaur party ideas I found for a modern take on this classic theme…

Dino Cupcakes

Dinosaur Cupcakes – I mean, so great, right?! And I think these would be pretty simple and forgiving for even a novice cake decorator. 

Dino Terrarium

Dinosaur Terrarium – these would make great centerpieces!

Gold Dino Canisters

Gold Dino Canisters – I love these, and how cute would they be filled with dinosaur candy or plastic dinosaurs as the party favor. You would just need plastic dinosaurs, canisters with lids, glue, and spray paint. I’d glue the dinosaurs to the lids first, then spray paint to ensure a seamless coat of paint on both. I love the gold, but these would be great with any color to match the theme of the party. 


Herbivore Fruit Cups – I love this idea! And, there could even be a yogurt dip to go along with the fruit. Or, you could do veggies with a ranch dip. 

Pinterest was full of fresh, modern ideas for a great party that could be used for a girl or boy birthday! I saw a dinosaur garden party with a bunch of palm leaves, neon colors, and dinosaurs – so fun! Check out my Dinosaur Party Pinterest Board for these and other creative ideas.

Party on!

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