Friday Favorites: Inspiration

For today’s Friday Favorites, I’m highlighting my favorite blogs, those I turn to for party and decorating inspiration.

My first source of inspiration is the blog belonging to one of my favorite friends, Dayme Walther. She and I are sorority sisters, and we became fast friends in college thanks to our shared passion for decorating and entertaining. In addition to the excitement of her life with two adorable kiddos, Dayme’s blog showcases her incredible talent for interior design. Her spaces give me inspiration for party ideas, new color palettes, and unique decor.

One of the coolest things Dayme does is called a Surprise Nursery. She works with the parents-to-be to design two nurseries, and when they head to the hospital, she brings the design to life and the parents come home to a brand new room for their brand new baby!

Dayme also provides a wide range of design consultation services for clients near and far – for local clients (Dayme lives in Dallas) she can lead the entire design process; for clients who live far away, she can consult, provide a complete design, and compile a list of vendors for the client to do their own ordering and execution.

You can see more of Dayme’s work here, and below I’ve selected photos of some of my favorite spaces of hers:

A new source of inspiration for me is a blog I recently discovered written by Jenny Keller. Jenny, of Jenny Cookies, is a fellow Pacific Northwesterner and I love her over-the-top party style. One of the coolest things she does is host Ladies Lunches and workshops where she shares her talents with others. Jenny is also a self-taught baker and her sugar cookies and cakes are amazing.

Jenny’s party style is similar to mine, so I find myself constantly inspired by her unique ideas. In fact, I found her Party Like a Pineapple party as I was styling for my own upcoming pineapple party, and several of her ideas were ones I had already planned on. You’ll see several of her ideas brought to life in my own party next month.

Check out some of the images from a couple of her recent Ladies Lunches:

I already talked about Anders Ruff in my Friday Favorites: Party Supplies post, but I would be remiss if I didn’t highlight them again because their blog is lovely and has long been an inspiration to me. The Anders Ruff blog is a collaborative effort where they highlight other amazing party stylists, so I appreciate that I am constantly inspired by new stylists there.

The ladies behind Anders Ruff have a unique story (they met at a preschool open house), and I love their keen eye for the unique printables they create to make every party memorable. My most recent favorite of theirs is the Instagram Party they styled for an 11-year-old birthday.

Check out some of the images from this creative party:

When I’m asked to style a party, I love that I can turn to these blogs for inspiration. I also rely on Pinterest and sometimes just wandering the aisles of the craft store. Speaking of which, I’ll be spending my holiday weekend on these blogs and at Hobby Lobby preparing for a few parties I have coming up in the next few weeks. Can’t wait to share the details of those parties with you here!

If you’re going to be doing your own party planning this weekend, be sure to check out my favorite party supplies and party invitations!

Happy Memorial Day and Party on!

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