Make it Tuesday: Welcome Baskets


Since yesterday was a holiday, I’m doing Make it Monday today. Happy Tuesday!

I love putting together a welcome basket for out-of-town visitors. My parents were in town for a few days last week, so I’m highlighting the basket we had in the guest room to welcome them. I’m also going to talk about things I consider every time I put together these baskets.

I like to include a couple edible items (in this basket it’s blackberry honey and caramels), a locally-made seasonal scented candle, and a couple household items that can serve as long-lasting memories of the trip (for this basket it’s the tea towel and coffee mug). If you’re feeling crafty, it’s also nice to include a homemade item in the basket – I made my parents their own agate nightlight.


I always try to include only local items in the basket, which makes it unique and special to the recipient’s trip. I go for a variety of items, considering the time of year and the recipient. In this case, since it’s spring, I went for items from the local farmer’s market and my favorite local gift shop. For summer baskets, I like to include items that could be used for an outdoor picnic. When making fall and winter baskets, I tend to include items from a craft fair and/or items that are warm and cozy like hot tea and baking mixes.

It’s important to consider the guests mode of transportation when putting the basket together. For this trip, my parents flew to Seattle so I knew I wanted to keep the items small and easy to pack away. Whether you’re doing one basket or bulk welcome baskets (maybe for a wedding weekend or family reunion), here are some things to consider when deciding on the basket contents:

  1. Your budget – the basket doesn’t have to be big and extravagant. Decide on your per-basket budget and then start to build it out from there. It’s OK for bulk baskets to each be a little unique (different colors, flavors, etc.) to fit the recipient. It’s also OK to splurge on a few people who may play a bigger role in your event.
  2. Consider your items – this is the fun part! Try to include a variety of unique items that reflect the theme and/or location of your event. It’s also nice to include a few staple items that your guests may have forgotten (pain relievers, sunscreen, map of your location, snacks, coffee).
  3. The wrapping – The way you package the items can be as much a part of the basket as the items themselves, and could even be a keepsake on its own (maybe a monogrammed canvas bag or unique wicker basket). Incorporate colors and a style that also reflect the theme of the event. If you have the time and room in your budget, you can create a coordinated look by re-wrapping the items to match, and create tags for the items that tell the story of why they were selected for the basket (maybe you’ve included your favorite candy or a sample bottle of the champagne you enjoyed the night you were engaged).
  4. Distributing the baskets – Depending on where your event is taking place, you may be able to deliver the baskets in person. If your guests are staying at a hotel, make sure you check with the hotel in advance on their policy for the delivery of gifts to hotel guests and if there are any fees associated with this service.

The most important part of putting a welcome basket together is to enjoy it! Thoughtfully selecting your items and picking out packaging to reflect your theme can be so fun and is also a great way to get others involved in the event planning. Check out my Pinterest Board for some great ideas for your next welcome basket!

Party on!


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