I’m going to continue the basket fun from yesterday and today I’m sharing some of my favorite ideas for baskets for all your gifting needs! I think they’re so fun, and I enjoy putting things together for all the events I attend. I wandered the aisles of Target and pulled together some favorite items that you could use for your own gift baskets. And only a few of these items made their way into my shopping cart…I. LOVE. TARGET. Anyway, back to basket business.

My first stop at Target is usually the baby section (I’m a new auntie, so I have a duty to spoil my niece) and today was no different – I headed straight there to pull together some baby gift ideas.

This is my go-to gift for baby showers. I love the Honest Company and I think it’s a nice gift that is usually off the registry (yes, I’m one of those gift-givers) but still super useful for a new baby. As you can see, I’ve attended a few showers this spring, and all the new moms got an Honest Company set. I also like to include a little something else – whether it’s a new outfit or some cute bath toys. And, I pick a container that could be re-purposed for use around the nursery or house.

Baby Summer Gift

I love this gift idea! And I’m pretty sure my mom will be heading to Target after she reads this to pick up this gift set for my niece πŸ™‚ This is another set of items that likely isn’t on a registry, but will certainly get used! And how great is that wire and copper basket?! It’s now sitting in my living room waiting to find a home.

My next stop was the pet section. I have a new puppy, and I so appreciated the gifts people gave our pup, Penny!

Obviously I’ll take any chance I get to show off Penny. S’cute right? This gift is full of very useful items that will definitely be appreciated by a new dog parent, and the dog bowl can be the gift basket.

After visiting the pet section, I worked on putting together gifts for a housewarming. The possibilities for this are really endless, especially at Target, so here’s three ideas for inspiration.

I love the idea of a new home and new kitchen supplies, and if you know a baker, this gift would be perfect! And I LOVE my cookie scoop. I think it’s a must-have for anyone who bakes.The cleaning supplies aren’t glamorous, but super practical and certainly appreciated. When I’ve moved I’ve always enjoyed getting a fresh stock of cleaning supplies. I love all the cute home decor currently on display at Target. This citrus gift set would be perfect for a family who’s moving into their new home this summer. I love that lemon kitchen rug!!

I continued to peruse the home goods and pulled together a fun wine idea. This would be great for a hostess gift or a wedding present! The tray would be perfect for serving cocktails at a summer dinner.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

And when I got home, I pulled together another gift that could be used for a hostess or wedding – a cocktail kit. I have so many ideas for cocktail kits that I just may have to do another post altogether. In the meantime, here’s a Moscow Mule kit that I think I’ll have to re-create for a wedding present in the future.


I really enjoy our copper mugs, and I recently found the copper straws at a little boutique in my town. The coasters are from Anthropologie, and they’re currently on sale!  And instead of tissue paper, I fluffed up some cloth napkins to finish off the gift. You could also add a couple fresh limes plus a recipe card to this gift to make it complete.

When I give gifts, I always like to include a gift receipt when possible. I tuck it under all the items or include it in the card. I think it’s a nice gesture, and saves the recipient the hassle if they receive duplicates or if it’s something they truly cannot use.

The great thing about gift baskets is that they can fit any budget. Even if you’re only able to get two or three things, find the perfect basket to hold your items, and you’ve got a complete gift.

Target has a nice selection of baskets and containers, and so does Ross, Homegoods, and even Dollar Tree! If I’m shopping for my basket at a place different from where I got my items, I bring the items in the store with me. You want to make sure your basket looks nice and full once your items are inside, so I always test the basket before I buy it. 

If you’re looking for more ideas, check out my Pinterest board.

Happy shopping and party on!




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