Make it Monday: Pineapple Wreath

Wreath displayed

Pineapples are a current favorite for me – I love them! I think they’re so fun and summery, so they served as the inspiration for my new summer wreath. I wanted to do something a little different, so I started brainstorming while wandering the aisles of Michael’s. I saw a bag of pine cones and started seeing a vision of painting those and turning them into mini pineapples and my idea was set!

My supplies:

Pine cones – I bought two bags, and had some at home, which I was happy about so I’d have varying sizes (since it’s summer, the pine cone options are limited at craft stores).

Spray paint – I opted for yellow and gold; you could also do two shades of yellow, or all one color if you prefer.

Ribbon – I found this great beige ribbon at Michael’s. I love the gold detail and I think it sort of looks like a pineapple pattern.

String and hot glue – to attach the pine cones to the wreath.

Greenery – I found the greenery I liked, that looked like pineapple tops, in the tropical section of the Michael’s floral department.

Wreath – I opted for a rounded wreath because I think that shape looks best on my door, but I think the pineapples would work on any shape wreath.

Now I was ready to start. My first step was to spray paint the pine cones. This was a fairly quick process. The pine cones only needed one coat, then I flipped them and did the other side with one coat. I really wasn’t looking for a perfect, solid coat because I wanted them to still have depth and dark spots to look like real pineapples. Wreath Spray Paint

Once the pine cones were dry, I moved them inside and gathered all my supplies together. Wreath Supplies

I had originally thought I might use those small canvas banner pieces to create a banner that said “welcome” but after I finished the wreath, I decided I liked it without, but I think it could still be a cute addition – maybe I’ll add it later 🙂

Next, I cut the palm leaves off about half way up the leaf, so they could become the pineapple tops. There was no scientific method to my cutting. I picked up a pine cone, decided how big I thought the top should be, and made the cut. Then, I set the pair aside ready to be glued together.

Wreath Pine Cones 2

I created 20 pairs (10 gold, 10 yellow), and then I was ready to glue. This step was easy because the pine cone tops were perfect for tucking in the stem of the palm leaf with just a little hot glue.

Wreath Pine Cones

Next, I wrapped the wreath in ribbon, spacing it evenly around the wreath. You could also skip this step if you prefer no ribbon, or you could use the ribbon to create one big bow for the top instead.

Wreath Start

I placed the pine cones around the wreath in a random order, varying sizes and colors all around the base. I like the look of a full base and a more empty top, but the wreath would also look great with pineapple pine cones all around it. Depending on the size of your wreath, you might need more than 20 if you’re going to do that and you like a really full look.

Hot glue only did part of the job holding the pine cones to the wreath. After several pine cones fell off with only hot glue, I decided to use the string to reinforce the hold. I picked gold and white twine, so it would blend in with the ribbon that was already on the wreath. Clear fishing line would also work well for this, if you want a completely invisible look. I put the string through the crevasses of the pine cone, and then wrapped the wreath and tied knots at the back.

Wreath finished

After I had filled out the wreath to get the look I wanted, I topped it with a coordinated bow – I typically do this to hide my wreath hanger as much as possible.

It’s finished and ready to hang!

Wreath displayed

I love a coordinated front porch so I had to have a pineapple rug!

Wreath on door

The wreath came together fairly quickly – with the painting and constructing, it took me about 2.5 hours (and that includes the time it took for the pine cones to dry, while I could work on other things around the house).

I’m already brainstorming my next wreath – I’m thinking something patriotic for July. Can’t wait to show it to you on a future Make it Monday!

Party on!





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