#tbt Baseball Birthday

This weekend is my brother’s birthday, so I’m throwing it back to my favorite parties my mom threw for my brother when we were little – his baseball birthday parties. My brother was/is a huge sports fan, and when he was little baseball ruled all, so that theme was carried over a few years in a row.

Baseball Party age 4

I love the mini helmets and the cute baseball glove cake my mom did for this party (you can sort of see it by my hand at the back of the table). And, I’m pretty sure we enjoyed some backyard baseball before we came inside for cake, ice cream, and cracker jacks. It was so fun – and I loved being in charge – surprised?! 😉

Baseball Party cake

Another year, when the party had a general sports theme, my mom made this awesome baseball field cake and used my brother’s baseball figures on the cake as the players. And you see those mini helmets got put to good use again.

Baseball Party Bryan

When I first moved to Seattle, my brother came to visit on his birthday, so I recreated the baseball party at home and topped it off with a Mariners game! I had my mom send me the same baseball guys and I ordered my own set of mini helmets. Not really sure why they’re stacked that way – maybe we had cleaned up already? This is the only picture I could find – glad I’ve gotten better about taking pictures of parties in recent years!

So, if I was throwing a baseball party today, I would definitely still use my mini helmets and probably those same baseball guys in some way, especially now that they’re considered vintage.

I also really like these “Ball” jars, mainly because I love a good pun. These look great as silverware holders, and could also be vases for a nice bouquet of white or blue hydrangeas. Or they could hold caramel corn and be the party favor.

Baseball Ball Jars

I think this centerpiece is darling! Do you see the tealight embedded in the top of the vase with caramel corn? Genius! And how cute is the mini bat in the vase with the baseballs?!!Baseball Centerpieces

This snack bar is so fun and festive. When I do a snack or candy bar, I like to use different containers at varying heights like you see at this bar – it adds visual interest and it makes it easy to incorporate what you already have on hand, rather than feeling like you have to buy all new matching containers.

Baseball Candy Bar

And I couldn’t resist highlighting this sorority Bid Day theme! LOVE!! A “Welcome to the Big Leagues” sign could also be used for a kid on his/her 13th birthday – Big Leagues: Teenager. Or this would be a fun graduation party theme, too!

Baseball Bid Day

Baseball themes don’t have to be limited to boys or birthdays – In addition to this cute Bid Day theme, there are tons of great ideas for baby showers, wedding showers, and summer dinner parties. I’m holding out hope that I can throw a World Series party this year. Go Ms and go Rangers! If you want to see some of the ideas I found on Pinterest, check out my Baseball Party board.

Party on!



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