Make it Monday: Pineapple Art

Tonight I’m celebrating my Girl Scout Troop as they advance to the next level of Girl Scouts. Every year, I love planning this event and making it special for the girls to celebrate another year together. We’re finishing up our 8th year as a troop!

This year’s theme is pineapples, and I’ve had fun gathering and making decorations in preparation. I’m going to highlight my two pineapple craft projects today.

First up is an awesome pineapple planter. I happened upon this plain wooden planter at Target, and immediately thought it looked like a pineapple, so I picked up 4.


I got some yellow paint and found the perfect plant that looked like the top of a pineapple. It was a super simple and inexpensive craft!

Planter Done

You could also add glitter to the vase for texture, or you could add polka dots with a gold paint pen, or even paint bubble wrap and use it as a stamp to add a pineapple-like texture.

Next up, I wanted to create a little something my girls could take home and I found this saying and knew I wanted to paint it onto something for each of them.

Be like a pineapple

First up, I gathered all my supplies.

Pineapple 3

I opted to try a wood stain on the wooden plaques instead of acrylic paint, because in my experience painting and then trying to use a paint pen on top of that often causes the paint pen to goop or bleed. I was very pleased with the how well the paint pens ended up working on top of the stain, so I think I’ll be doing this more in the future! I got everything in the picture from my local craft store, Ben Franklin, and the wood stain and brush are from Home Depot.

I stained the wood pieces using the brush for the front and back, and I used a rag for the edges. I followed the instructions on the can of stain, wiping the excess, and then letting them dry overnight.

Pineapple 4

I ended up not using the stamps or stamp pads at all, and instead opted to use the pineapple chipboard. I had a can of hot pink spray paint in my garage, so I brightened those up with that.

Next up was writing out the message. I tested out the spacing on a piece of computer paper first, and once I had a look I liked, I was ready to use the paint pens.

Once the paint pens were dry, I glued the pink pineapple to the plaque and let it set and I was done!

Pineapple 6

Here are the two completed craft projects ready for tonight’s party. Can’t wait to share with you later this week the other details of tonight’s event!

Pineapple 2

Party on!



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