Sweet Summertime

It was a cold, rainy Fourth of July here in the Pacific Northwest, so I spent the day crafting and getting excited for the warmer weather to come. I decided it was time to trade out my pineapple wreath for a new summer wreath to last through July, and I also wanted to update my mantle. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to make when I went to Michaels, but then I spotted these adorable ice cream bowls, and I had my theme. I couldn’t find my exact set online, but at my local Michaels they were in the party section. This photo shows a slightly different color set.

ice cream bowl set

I was debating between a few different items to simulate ice cream (pom poms, tissue paper poofs, cotton balls), and ultimately decided to use white hydrangeas because they’re the most weather resistant for an outside wreath.

I also picked up some tall sundae cups to use as vases, and I got craft foam and popsicle sticks in the same colors as the ice cream bowls to make popsicles. I found some ribbon that incorporated all the colors, and I was ready to check out. Here are all my supplies ready for wreath making and mantle decorating.

Ice Cream Wreath Supplies

I started by cutting each hydrangea stem off right at the base of the flower. Then, I used hot glue to secure each bloom inside each ice cream bowl.

Next, it was time to make the popsicles. I looked up some images online to decide on a shape, and then I freehanded the design on the foam. I cut one shape out, then used that as my stencil for the rest of the popsicles. I used hot glue to attach the popsicle sticks to the backs, and then I cut a bite mark out of a few of the popsicles and they were ready to go.

Then, it was time to build my wreath. I started with the ice cream cups, and made sure they were really secure using quite a bit of hot glue.

Ice Cream Wreath 1

I laid out the popsicles around the wreath in a pattern I liked, and then it was time to make my bow. I don’t know if this is the “right” way to make a bow, but it’s easy so it’s my go-to. I start by deciding how big I want the bow, then I make loops. For this bow, I knew I wanted 3 loops on each side, so I made three loops double in size, by just wrapping the ribbon around my fingers. Then, I cut off the excess ribbon and used that to wrap around the center of the bow. I tied that into a knot, and trimmed the tails of the bow on each side, puffed up the loops and it was ready for the wreath (or for Penny to wear ;)).

I secured the bow to the wreath using some additional ribbon, and then added an ice cream spoon to the center to tie it all together.

Ice Cream Wreath done

Next up was my mantle. I made some additional ice cream cups, gathered some glassybaby and other items from around the house, added a vase of fresh flowers, and added some popcicles to a garland I had from the Pink and Gold baby shower I hosted.

Ice Cream Mantle

I’m really loving the bright, bold colors, and after making 20 or so foam popsicles, I think a trip to the grocery store for the real thing is on my agenda for today!

Party on!

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