Olympic Party Photo Prop

Two days until the Opening Ceremonies! If you missed my post yesterday about some tasty Olympics treats, you can check that out here.

Today, I’m sharing the how-to for creating your own frame for photo ops at an Olympics party!

Olympic Sign_finished

First up, I gathered my supplies. Penny wanted to help with this craft, too. 🙂

Olympic Sign_supplies

I got everything I needed at Target: duct tape, foam board, gold letters, and gold glitter tape. I had a tape measure, sharpies, and a box cutter already on hand.

I chose to do my Olympic stripes on a diagonal, and a little off center. You could choose any design you like! I love working with duct tape – it’s forgiving, sturdy, tears easily by hand, and there are so many colors and designs to choose from.

Next it was time to measure my frame and cut out the square. I chose to go with three inches on the sides and top, and six inches on the bottom.


As you can see, the box cutter didn’t leave a really clean cut, so I opted to use the gold glitter tape to trim the inside edge. It’s thin, so I did one strip to wrap around the edge and then a second strip to add some width to the tape for visual impact.

Glitter tape does not stick to itself really well, so I went back over it with clear packing tape to really seal it in.

Next I added the gold letters to spell out Olympian at the bottom. I wanted the word a little off center because I would be adding “Future” in sharpie afterwards.

Olympic Sign_gold letters

And, finally, it’s finished and ready for Friday!

Olympic Sign_finished

The inside piece of the foam corp can easily be re-purposed for another part of your decor – maybe part of the centerpiece or set into the bottom of a serving tray! Check back tomorrow to see the decor I have lined up for the party!

Party on!

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