Make it Monday: Sorority Wreath

Sorority recruitment starts today at Washington State University, and it’s already underway all across the country, so I thought it’d be fun to have a festive wreath to celebrate the season!

KD Wreath 1

I had the KΔ letters on hand (ordered from here, and previously spray painted copper), and purchased the white roses, wreath, and ribbon from Michaels.

This wreath was super simple and could be customized with the flowers and colors of any sorority. When I make wreaths like this one, I like to be able to reuse everything so I use minimal amounts of hot glue.

First up, I trimmed the white rose stems, leaving about 3 inches on each stem. Then, I tucked each stem into the side of the wreath in a bunch, using the structure of the wreath to secure each stem. When I’m ready to re-purpose the wreath, I’ll be able to pull the flowers out no problem.

KD Wreath 2

After I had the look I wanted, I added some of the leftover greenery to fill it out a bit. Then, I wrapped the olive green ribbon around the wreath. Rather than gluing the ribbon to the wreath, I tied a knot at the back to start the wrap.

KD Wreath 3

Next I added a big bow, using my standard bow instructions found here.

KD Wreath 4

The final step was to secure the wooden letters. I used hot glue for this step, and when I’m ready to reuse the letters, the hot glue should peel off no problem. I may have to touch up the paint in a few spots, but other than that, hot glue is pretty forgiving.

KD Wreath 5

And, it’s finished! Start to finish it took me about 30 minutes, so it was a nice quick project after a long weekend building a fence. Check out these before/after photos. I’m so excited to have a white picket fence!

Have a great week and party on!

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