Friday Favorites: National Dog Day!

Happy National Dog Day! I’m self-proclaimed dog crazy, so of course I’m celebrating with my favorite little pup.

These are some of my favorite gift ideas for the dog or dog-lover in your life.

First up is my favorite gift basket idea, perfect for a new dog owner. I blogged about my love of gift baskets before, and I think this one is great for providing the essentials.

Dog Gift Basket

My next favorite is a super simple, hassle-free gift basket idea – ordering a BarkBox. I love the concept of a mail-order gift box in general, and I think it’s so cool that there’s an option specifically for dogs. You can do a one-time gift or an on-going subscription, and the items in the box are so fun!

Bark Box

A perfect National Dog Day treat for your pup is this awesome recipe for dog ice cream. Penny wasn’t too sure about dog ice cream at first, but now she’s hooked. And how fun is the paw print shape?! You can find the paw print mold here. These would be so cute packaged in a little tin and gifted to your favorite pup.

Dog Ice Cream

My favorite gift for the dog lover in your life is a personalized Dog Mug from Evelyn Henson. I mean. So cute, right?! I love all the little illustrations and that you can customize the words on the mug, too.

And, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my favorite animal shelter. We adopted Penny from NOAH in Washington, and they were wonderful to work with. Making a donation to your local shelter in honor of your favorite pup is a great, and always appreciated, gift idea.


I’m pawsitively excited to celebrate National Dog Day with Penny today. Happy weekend to you all!

Penny 3

Party on!

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