Quick and Easy Gift Idea!

Is it really only Wednesday?! This week has been crazy busy, and late last night I realized that I hadn’t yet put together a welcome gift for a new employee starting today. I turned to my trusty source, Pinterest, and came up with an easy idea that I knew I could pull together quickly.

My inspiration:

Donut Gift

My first step was to raid my card drawer, and as luck would have it I had a few cards leftover from a donut card set from Paper Source. It looks like this set is sold out online, but check your local Paper Source, or draw or download and print a quick doodle of a donut on a blank card set! (Quick side note, I think it’s always helpful to have a set of blank cards on hand for any last minute gift needs. These are my favorite)

Donut Gift 1

I wrote the message from my inspiration photo on the white tag “glad to have YOU on the team. Now we are WHOLE!” I taped the tag to the card, wrote a quick message inside, and then headed to the grocery store.

At the grocery store, I picked up a sprinkle donut, a little box of donut holes, and a bouquet of flowers. The amazing and helpful staff in the floral department at my local store put the flowers in a vase for me, and helped me wrap the donut and donut holes in cellophane.

Donut Gift 5

The gift was ready to go in under thirty minutes, which included my trip to the grocery store. I call that a win!

This need inspired me to create a Quick and Easy Gifts Pinterest board, so now I have somewhere to turn the next time that happens. It’s inevitable with the busyness of life, right?!

Party on!

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