Friday Favorites: Friendship

Happy Friday friends! I love the month of September for many reasons, and one of those is that it’s International Women’s Friendship Month! This celebration of friendship was created by my sorority, Kappa Delta. It started as a one day event back in 1999 and in 2009 it was expanded to the entire month. I think it’s so cool that there’s an entire month dedicated to celebrating the special friendships women share across the world.

Today, I’m going to share with you my favorite ideas for celebrating your friends near and far!

First up, if you have friends who live far away, a handwritten card is a favorite. I feel like this is a lost art, and is so appreciated by the recipient especially when it’s a surprise in the mail! Target has some really great friendship cards in their “Just Wink” collection right now.


Aren’t they fun?!

My next favorite is a fun way to celebrate a bunch of friends all at once at a low cost. I’m thinking teammates, co-workers, etc. This is also a celebration idea used on college campuses as part of the Confidence Coalition’s You Make Me Smile Campaign (another great Kappa Delta initiative). You write empowering messages on blue balloons and give them out to friends.


I just love how bright and cheery the blue balloons are! And you could even tie a little treat to the bottom of each balloon. If you wanted to stick with the color blue, an individually packaged rice krispie treat would be perfect. Or, you could do a bag of skittles to add a pop of red.

My next favorite way to celebrate friends is hosting a special party for your favorite friends. I hosted a “Friendship is Pun” party as part of a sorority meeting. It was quick to pull together, really fun, and I love a good pun.

I wrote the puns out on a stack of cards, then attached them to all the treats served at the party.

A lot of these ideas would work well as gifts on their own that you could hand deliver to friends. The “Fizz the Season” gift would be great with the saying written on a tag that hangs around the neck of the champagne or sparkling cider. And the “Beary thankful for your friendship” could be dressed up by putting gummy bears in a cute tin and attaching the tag to the outside.

My next favorite celebration idea is a gift to give one of your favorite friends who also happens to love “Friends.” Who doesn’t love that show?! 🙂


So great, right?! There are a ton of other cute mugs, including some Best Friend and Couples sets on the Etsy site.

And my final favorite is sending a friend their own Wine Tasting Party! You can get one for free here. Get all the details by reading my Tasty Tuesday blog post.

Wine 20

Happy International Women’s Friendship Month! I’m so grateful for all the wonderful friends in my life.


Party on!

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