Friday Favorites: Football Parties

Happy Friday! We’re just a week away from the official start of fall, but I think the start of football season is the real indicator. I really enjoy a good football-watching party – it’s the perfect excuse for some fun decorations and delicious food!

Today, I’m sharing my favorite must-haves for any football-watching party. First up, I’m sharing my favorite items for your table top!

I just love this great table runner. It’d be the perfect setting for a buffet of game-watching snacks. On top of the table runner, you’d need some perfect party dishes, and I think these are just the thing.

To accompany the plates, I think solid or simple patterned napkins in your teams colors would look great. For me, my team’s colors are red and black, so I’d go with these napkins. I love them for their color combo, and I think the buffalo check is so cozy and feels perfect for fall.


For cutlery and cups, simple plain plastic cups, again in your teams colors, and clear plastic cutlery would finish off the look nicely.

My next favorites are party serveware! Of course those need to be festive too! These platters have long been a favorite of mine, and I found them for the best price here.

They have all different schools and both ceramic and melamine so you can choose depending on your preference and price point (the ceramic is more expensive).

My next favorite is football party snacks! I like to stick with those you would find at a tailgate – dips, dips, and more dips, and then some dessert. I made a Pinterest Board with my favorite Football Party Recipes, and you can find my favorite party dessert on my Tasty Tuesday post.


My friend Dayme had the great idea to use festive Oreos in my Three-Layer Cheesecake Bars recipe instead of standard ones. If your school/team colors include orange, you’re in luck – go pick up some Halloween Oreos and make these for your next football party!

My next football party favorite is a festive party cocktail, and of course you need team logo ice cubes! I found my ice cube tray at a local shop in my college town, but there’s a great selection online here. I’m calling my cocktail Raider Red Sangria and I used my favorite sangria recipe (I sub the apples for strawberries).



My final favorite is a festive team t-shirt! My favorite this season is this one I found at one of my favorite shops in my college town, Paddle Tramps.

Kingsbury for President.JPG

Can’t wait to watch the Red Raiders play tomorrow (or actually, I’ll probably only be able to listen on my computer, but I’ll be cheering them on nonetheless!), and then I’ll need to pull out my lime green and blue party supplies for the Seahawks Sunday!

Party on!

On Fridays I link up with Friday Favorites and 5 on Friday.





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