Decorating for fall

Over the weekend, in addition to making my new fall wreath, I also got my house all decorated for fall!

I like to bring out my pumpkins as soon as I can, so the first fall weekend seemed like the perfect opportunity. My fall mantle is probably my favorite mantle of all. It’s where I display the variety of pumpkins I’ve collected over the years. I used the same lesson in symmetry that I used when I was working on my fall wreath. Here’s how the mantle came together…

I always start from the outside and work my way in, balancing pieces as I go. After giving my mantle a good cleaning, I was ready to start. First up were two tall pieces to flank each side. I opted for a tall candlestick and my large glass apothecary jar filled with fall potpourri and pumpkins.

Next I added two similarly sized pumpkins, and followed that up with my two colored glass pumpkins. Then, I added two smaller pumpkins. I love that even though the colors are all similar, there’s a variety of textures and materials among all the pumpkins.

Next I brought in a bouquet of fresh dahlias and tucked in a couple glassybaby.


Finally, I added in a few candles from my recent trip to Target where I raided their fall dollar spot. I lit the candles, and tucked in a couple more pumpkins and the mantle was set.


My mantle and wreath are up for the long-haul and won’t come down until after Thanksgiving. Around the rest of the house, I added in some Halloween decor that I’ll change out at the end of October.


These little trick-or-treaters are my favorite Halloween decoration. I just think they’re so cute and silly and I love all the little details. The Boo! plate I’ve had for a while and I think it serves as a nice backdrop for my trick-or-treaters. This set-up is in the open area of the television stand.


I’ve had these witches and pumpkins since college, and I love their rustic feel. I added in a few glassybaby, some Target candles, and a bouquet that matches my fall wreath and this coffee table was set.


This little set-up is on a windowsill in the living room. The “Spooky” word is made out of glitter and the star on the “Trick or Treat” sign is, too, so they compliment each other nicely. I love the little fabric candy corn here, and I finished it off with my orange glassybaby.

I’m still considering what I might do to decorate the outside for Halloween. I want it to be festive while still staying true to our tastes – i.e. no scary skeletons or blood here! Last Halloween we were completely surprised to run out of candy by like 7:00. Apparently our neighborhood is a popular trick-or-treating destination. This year, we’ll be ready – I’m already stocking up on candy now (and I’ll only eat most some of it before Halloween)!

Party on!

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