Friday Favorites: Halloween Parties

I’m pulling decoration ideas together for a Halloween Party and in my search I’ve come across some wonderful Halloween party themes so I thought I’d share my favorites. I’m considering each of these as I brainstorm for my own Halloween event!


My first favorite is the Spooky Halloween party collection from Happy Wish Company. I just LOVE it. My favorite is that balloon arch with the spider webs. One of the great things about Happy Wish Company is that they provide a wide array of options when it comes to ordering. If you want everything in one package deal, you can order a party kit. Or, if you’d rather piece together decorations and party supplies from several sources, you can just order pieces from the collection.


I love this Spooky Forest Halloween party theme from Anders Ruff and Better Homes and Gardens. It’s my next favorite because I think the absence of orange is a nice twist on what you’d expect to see at a Halloween party.


Favorite #3 is the Sophisticated Spooky Dinner party. I love this because it definitely has an eery feel while also feeling very classy. I love the muted color palate and the use of non-traditional items that are customized to the theme (like those ceramic cats spray-painted black!).

My next favorite is this Neon Halloween party. I hosted a Neon Party a few years ago, and had so much fun pulling it all together, so I’m not surprised I love this theme!



My final favorite is the Halloween Dessert table styled by Jenny Cookies. This table could be the centerpiece for a Halloween Dessert party or a pumpkin carving party! I love the classic, understated elegance of this dessert table and I love how the desserts fit the theme and are the stars of the table decor.


My biggest takeaway in my party research is definitely to check out my local thrift store for decorations. I love all the unique finds some of these party stylers found at the thrift store for their parties!

This weekend I’ll be doing a lot of prep for my Halloween party. I hope, if you have a Halloween party of your own, you found some inspiration here. Check out my Halloween Parties Pinterest Board for more.

Party on!

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