Friday Favorites: KΔ Founders Day gifts!

This Sunday, October 23, Kappa Delta sisters across the country will celebrate Founders Day! Yesterday, I shared my Kappa Delta story and today I’m excited to share my favorite ways to celebrate the founding of my favorite sisterhood!

As an alumna member of Kappa Delta, I volunteer on a Chapter Advisory Board, which means I support a local collegiate chapter helping them with their day-to-day operations. I serve on a Board with nine amazing women, and each year we celebrate Founders Day with a Kappa Delta-themed gift exchange! This gift exchange is always a favorite of mine because it gives me the opportunity to get really creative and think outside the box when considering my gift.

One of my most favorite gift ideas was the KD Founders Martini kit I put together a couple years ago.


Kappa Delta’s colors are olive green and pearl white, so those two colors served as my inspiration for the kit – a jar of olives and a jar of pearl onions, plus some vodka and vermouth. I put it all in a cute wooden box and voila!

My next favorite KΔ-themed gift idea is this awesome little box-set of candy from Sugarfina! I’ve talked about Sugarfina before, and I love them. The little bento boxes are totally my style and this selection is great for a Kappa Delta sister.


Teddy bears and white roses are two of the Kappa Delta symbols, so you can see why this little trio is just perfect. Sugarfina currently has a pop-up shop at my local Nordstrom, so stopping in for some sugary treats is super convenient!

Another favorite gift idea is an etched glassybaby. One of my sorority sisters introduced this idea as a fundraiser for our local chapter and it was a huge hit! I just love this so much. It’s so classy and timeless.


And, check out that Nautilus Shell vase in the background! Pretty awesome, too, huh?! That was a score from Z Gallerie – I purchased that for the chapter I advise as part of a summer remodel project (after a quick search online, it doesn’t look like they sell them anymore – insert sad face!).

My next favorite are these fun #squadgoals t-shirts from Boutique Greek! First I want to take a moment to give a shoutout to Boutique Greek. I have worked with them on several sorority and work projects, and they never disappoint. The quality of their items and their customer service are amazing. Love them! These shirts were a fun little project I had them help with and I think they’re just perfect in celebration of Kappa Delta Founders Day (the ladies listed on the shirts are our founders!).


You may have also noticed the white rose (also a KΔ symbol) in the picture. That’s a ceramic bottle stopper and another great gift idea! I found those here. And that awesome diamond (another KΔ symbol) paper can be found in a paper set from Hobby Lobby.

My final favorite is the gift for this year’s celebration. After the Martini kit, I was determined to come up with something equally creative. The idea of olive oil came to mind when considering the KΔ color olive green. After a quick internet search I also learned that pearl pasta existed and an idea was born!


Homegoods and TJMaxx are always great spots for unique food items and they didn’t disappoint on this hunt! That’s where I got the olive oil and couscous. I also turned to World Market as a reliable source, and found the pesto pasta sauce and shell pasta there. The green pot was a happy accident that I happened upon at Homegoods, and I decided that would be the perfect vessel for my pasta kit.


And one bonus favorite to share is the Founder’s Day gift I received a couple years ago – two boney hand goblets and a bottle of Wine Sisterhood wine! For my non-KΔ readers, you’ll notice a skeleton hand on our crest and I’m sure the wine speaks for itself. Pretty perfect, huh?!

This weekend, Kappa Delta Headquarters is debuting their renovations and I’m excited to tune in live via Facebook! I wish I could be there in person, but I’m so thankful that technology makes Memphis feel closer than it is.

Party on!

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