Make It Monday: Baby Shower in a Box

One of the downsides of living far away from many of my best friends is missing out on their wedding/baby showers, and a few years ago I decided I wanted to do something about it! My first “Shower in a Box” was a wedding shower for my friend, Dayme. It included a gift, some shower snacks, shower decorations, and a CD (hey, it was 2008!) of wedding shower songs. Over the next few years, I perfected the “Shower in a Box” as I sent a few more wedding showers and some baby showers!

Last week, I sent a “Baby Shower in a Box” to my dear friend and sorority sister, Courtney. She and her husband are expecting their first baby, a daughter, in November. Courtney and I both have a love for all things monogram, so I knew my gifts HAD to be monogrammed. I also included my baby gift standard, a set of honest baby bath supplies.


How cute are those burp cloths? Courtney registered for those, and I think the gold monogram is perfect. I added in the pacifier clips to match, too. The personalized newborn gown is from etsy. I’ve ordered this numerous times for other gifts, and I love it.

Once I had the gifts on order, I started to put together the rest of the contents for the shower. I was inspired by a great, bright striped set of party supplies at Target and used that as my starting point.


I made the “Charlotte” banner as the shower decor, and got the napkins, plates, and straws for the partywares. I wrapped the partywares up with ribbon, and came up with a little rhyme to go with it.


Once I had that rhyme, I felt like I really needed to carry rhymes through the rest of the tags, so when I gathered supplies for the party craft, I came up with this…


And of course every shower needs cupcakes, so I included my favorite cake mix with its own rhyme.


And, as an upgrade from the CD I included in my boxes of the past, I did a Spotify playlist!


If you want to see what songs I included for the baby shower playlist, you can check it out here!

I boxed everything up and sent it on its way to Austin for the celebration. Can’t wait to meet baby Charlotte!

Party on!

5 thoughts on “Make It Monday: Baby Shower in a Box

  1. emyad says:

    eeeek – you seriously are so much fun. Getting mail is the absolute best thing and I love when I get a package from you. I still use my dessert cookbook you made that you sent in my wedding shower box. You really are THE BEST at this kind of stuff!

    Liked by 1 person

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