Make It Monday: Package Wreath

Happy Monday, friends! It’s been snowing off and on here in the Pacific Northwest, and I’m loving it.

Last week, I shared my Christmas decorations, and one of my favorite things is my package wreath on our gallery wall. When I find wrapping paper I like, I always want to find a way to immortalize it, and one of my favorite ways to do so is by creating a package wreath.


I decided it would be fun to make another package wreath, so over the weekend, I made a quick (haha, yeah, right!) trip to Target. I fell in love with their holiday wrapping paper collection from Sugar Paper LA.

I opted for these goodies. I love the non-traditional, but still very festive feel of this collection. I also like that it is completely different from the package wreath I created last year. And gold, blue gray, and blush may be my new favorite color combo!


Those scallop boxes are too big for the wreath, but I couldn’t resist. I can’t get over the cuteness!

The other supplies I needed I picked up from Target and my local craft store: boxes, gluesticks for my glue gun, gold ribbon for wrapping the wreath, and a wooden wreath frame. My craft store was out of wooden wreath frames, so I improvised and went with a large wooden “O.”


I pealed off all the attached bows and tags on the gift boxes, and I was ready to start wrapping.

When I wrap packages, I have found that I get the best creases when I fold in both sides then fold down the flaps, as pictured above.


Once all the packages were wrapped, it was time to wrap the wreath frame in ribbon. I bought a spool of gold ribbon from the craft store and saved the fancy Sugar Paper LA ribbon for the packages themselves.

I used hot glue to secure the ribbon to the wreath frame, and then tightly wrapped it and tried to space each wrap evenly with the next.


After the wreath frame was wrapped, I laid out the packages in a pattern I liked, then pulled them off to start gluing. I added ribbon to some of the packages, and others I just kept blank, depending on what was going to be stacked on top of them.

Penny decided she wanted to help while I was making the wreath, hence the photobomb above 😉

After the first layer of packages were glued on, I added the second layer.

I also changed out the gold bow on the bottom layer to give it more of an impact. Once I had all the packages on that I wanted, I felt like it still needed something, so I created a big gold bow for the top of the wreath, glued it on, and it was finished!


This package wreath is a gift, and I can’t wait to deliver it this week!

Party on!


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