Make it Monday: Evergreen Wreath

Last week I made my annual trip to Sunnyside Nursery to make an evergreen wreath for our door. I started this tradition a few years ago with Chelsea and her mom, and now it’s something I look forward to every year!


When I arrived, my first task was to select my wreath frame. I opted for the 12-inch circle frame.


If you wanted to make a similar wreath, you can find the frames online here.

Next, I perused the greenery and selected a variety. I decided to go for an all green look this year. They also had holly berries and some yellow greenery that I’ve used in the past, so I wanted to do something different.

The wreath had 12 prongs, so I gathered 12 of each type of greenery to make 12 bunches. I played around with the layers until I had something I liked, then used a rubberband to secure each bunch.

Once all 12 bunches were ready it was time to build the wreath. Sunnyside has this great clamping tool that clamps the prongs around the bunches.

Isn’t that tool great?! It has a pedal underneath that you step on to clamp the prongs. If you want to use a similar frame but don’t have access to a similar tool, a pair of pliers would work well to clamp everything together.

I got the final bunches in place, and the wreath was ready! I glued in some pinecones to add a different texture to the wreath, and when I got it home, I added a burlap bow. I found this great wide burlap ribbon at Michaels and I thought it would be perfect because I knew it needed to be wide enough to make an impact on the large wreath.

We got the Christmas lights hung up on the house last week, too, so the house is officially festive for the season!evergreen-18

I’m really loving the garland and lights around the door, and the new doormat from Target! One of the great things about the fresh evergreen wreath is that it lasts a long time, so I plan to leave this decor up into the new year.

Party on!


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