Work Christmas Party

Yesterday was the Christmas Party at my office! Everyone volunteered to be in charge of different parts of the party. I signed up for decorations. Surprised?! Yeah, me neither. 😉

When I was brainstorming ideas, I knew my decor needed to be something I could set up quickly, and I would be limited on wall space. I have recently fallen in love with bottle brush trees, so I decided they’d be central to my theme. I love their vintage feel, and the wide variety of colors and styles.

As luck would have it, I found this amazing wrapping paper from Paper Source, so my idea was a go!

paper source.jpg

I love all the colors in this paper, and it was the perfect opportunity to pull out a wide variety of my glassybaby! I found the glitter bottle brush trees at Michaels (I couldn’t find my set online. Target has a great set, too).


I gathered my cake plates, and found these darling winter houses to incorporate into the decor.

And my new favorite bake shop, Jenny Cookies Bake Shop, which I think will become my go-to for parties, was the perfect place to pick up sugar cookies and rice krispie treats to match the theme.



I also decided that it’d be fun to have a photo booth, so I picked up some props from Paper Source. They were really easy to put together. The set came pre-cut, so all I had to do was assemble.


And, every party needs a craft, of course! I found these awesome tumblers on sale at Michaels. I brought my Cricut and some adhesive vinyl and everyone got to personalize their own tumbler.


I got to the office about an hour before everyone arrived so I could get everything set up. I put the glassybaby, Christmas houses, and cake plates down the center of the main table.

(gotta love that office lighting, huh?! ;))

I used the whiteboard as the backdrop for the photo booth, and hung some wrapping paper up there, and used my felt garland to add some texture to the backdrop. Then, I added the props to a side table near the backdrop so people could help themselves.

Aren’t those little sweaters cute? One of my coworkers brought printouts of sweaters, and we all got to design our own ugly sweater. Then, we added them to the garland using paperclips from the copy room! Here’s mine:


Ugly cute, right?! I set up the crafting station on another table, and everyone went there to work on their tumbler. It was a hit!! And it was so cool to see the unique designs everyone came up with.

Here’s an action shot of the party.


First of all – check out that fireplace ambiance on the television. This was actually a YouTube video, but I do have a fireplace DVD and it’s one of my favorite things to have on during a holiday party with Christmas music playing in the background. People always get a kick out of it, and I find it so kitchy and funny!

We were playing a dice game to pick presents. I’d never played this game before, and I really liked it. The basics are a pair of dice are passed around the group. When you roll doubles, you get to pick a gift or steal a gift. Then, once everyone has a gift, you continue rolling for three more rounds, and if you roll doubles again, you can trade gifts with anyone in the group. We all brought a wrapped book to contribute to the exchange, and I liked having a theme to the gift giving. It made it easy to shop for, and it was cool to see everyone’s different tastes in books. I brought one of my favorite kids’ books.


It was such a fun party and a great opportunity to spend time with my coworkers before our holiday break!

This weekend I have my sorority Christmas party (check out one of our past holiday parties here), and my Girl Scout Troop Christmas party next week!

Party on!


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