Tasty Tuesday: Champagne Mule

I spent most of yesterday cleaning up Christmas, and it felt really nice to wake up to a clean house this morning!

clean house.JPG

Now, with less than a week until New Year’s Eve, I’m excited to share my cocktail of choice for the celebration!

I have been a fan of Moscow Mules for quite some time, so I thought a fun twist would be to add champagne to make it festive. I found a few recipes online, but have tweaked them all a bit to come up with my own.

Here are the ingredients…


Simple syrup, vodka, ginger beer, champagne, limes, and mint. The great thing about each of these ingredients is that they’re versatile, so they can be used for a Moscow Mule on NYE and something else the next day.

To make two cocktails, I used…

8 oz. of champagne
4 oz. of vodka
2 oz. of simple syrup
2 oz. of ginger beer
The juice of half a lime
Two slices of lime for garnish
Spring of mint for garnish

I added the champagne, vodka, simple syrup, and ginger beer to my cocktail shaker, which I had pre-filled with ice, then gave it a gentle shake (careful here, since some of the liquids are carbonated, shaking too hard will result in an exploding cocktail shaker – trust me. I learned this one the hard way ;)).

Next, I created my garnish. I sliced two flat slices of limes, threaded each through a festive toothpick, added the sprig of mint, then brought the bottom half of each lime up and threaded that through the toothpick (think taco shell, mmm!).

I filled my copper mugs up with ice, added the garnish to the top, then poured my drink into the mugs!


They’re really tasty and refreshing, and any cocktail with champagne in it is a winner in my book! Check out my festive poinsettia punch (made with champagne) here.


I really love my copper mugs for the authentic Moscow Mule experience, but these could easily be served in any glass, even a champagne glass! I’m currently crushing on these awesome copper champagne flutes and this amazing copper cocktail shaker. So fun right?!

I’ll be back later this week with some fun and simple NYE decoration ideas! In the meantime, you should probably go get the ingredients for the Champagne Mule and do a taste test before NYE πŸ˜‰


Party on!

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