Make it Monday: Minted Valentines

I have always loved giving valentines to friends, and I continue to do so, even as an adult because who doesn’t love love?! One of my favorite things to do when I was young was wander the valentine’s aisle at the grocery store agonizing over which valentine I’d choose.

Last year, I discovered Minted’s classroom valentine collection and they’re adorable and reasonably priced, so now I agonize online instead ๐Ÿ˜‰ And, I don’t think they have to be limited to the classroom! I give them to friends, coworkers, and my Girl Scout troop.

My pick last year was these adorable gumball valentines. Won’t chew be my valentine?


This year, Minted’s collection was another hit. So many cute options! Here are some of my favorites:

So many great options, and beyond selecting the design you can pick the shape to create a truly customized valentine.

Ultimately, I decided on these. You’re awesome sauce Valentine!


So fun, right!? I thought about what might be a good gift to accompany these, and since I love Sriracha, that was the winning “sauce.” After a quick search on Amazon, I found this Sriracha party pack ย and my plan was set.


The set comes with the bottles empty and you fill what you need. I love them! I mean, doesn’t everyone need a Sriracha keychain?! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’m excited to deliver these to all my Valentines next month!


If you’re looking for some fun Valentines, check out Minted! With the code BEMINE, you’ll get 20% off their foil valentines and 15% off regular valentines. Act quick – the code is just good for today. Or, with the code STICKERS17 you could get free stickers to match the classroom valentines you choose. That code ends tomorrow.

Party on!

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