Tasty Tuesday: Valentines Krispy Treats

It’s all about Valentines Day on the blog this week! Yesterday, I shared my favorite valentines from Minted, and today it’s a super simple Valentines treat.

To be totally honest, I had a whole other idea in mind, but after a MAJOR Pinterest fail last night, I scraped that idea (literally, all the ingredients were scraped into the trash after it majorly flopped), and decided on something much easier.

So, Valentines Krispy Treats it is! I made my Krispy treats according to the recipe on the box of Rice Krispies, then let them cool for about an hour. Once they were cooled I was ready to give them a Valentines makeover. First step was to use my heart-shaped cookie cutter to cut out hearts. I got 10 hearts out of my 9×13 pan, plus a couple little hearts.

Once those were ready, I popped them into the fridge to harden a bit, and got to work on my candy coating. I used a white vanilla flavored coating (from Hobby Lobby) and decided to top that with some pink and red sprinkles (also from Hobby Lobby).

I melted the candy coating according to the package instructions. I used a measuring cup for melting because I liked how deep it was for dipping the krispy treats into.

I melted the candy until it was smooth, then started the dipping process. I wasn’t going for a perfect dip, so I just dipped each treat about half way into the measuring cup and used the spatula to smooth the coating a bit and help wipe off the drips. Once coated, I sprinkled the sprinkles over all sides of the candy coating.

Finally, I placed each finished treat on parchment paper to harden.


After about 30 minutes on the parchment paper, the treats were ready to be packaged up. I used cellophane bags and valentine ribbon to do so.


All in all, these treats came together in a little over two hours, with a majority of that time spent waiting for the treats to harden.


These treats would be perfect for teachers, co-workers, neighbors, and/or friends! I mean who doesn’t love a candy-coated krispy treat?!

Party on!

7 thoughts on “Tasty Tuesday: Valentines Krispy Treats

  1. Maren says:

    Did you enjoy the odd leftover pieces during the process?! I am a sucker for a homemade rice crispy treat! What was the Pinterest fail? I once tried jello cookies (for St. Pattys) and they ended up in the trash. I was using a German gelatin so maybe it isn’t the same as J-E-L-L-O…

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