Make it Monday: Pallet Painting

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I kicked off my weekend at a Pints and Pallet Painting Class at a little brewery in our downtown. It was so much fun, and I’m sharing the details here because it was also SUPER easy, I learned some great tips, and it could definitely be replicated at home.

When we arrived to the class, everyone got to pick their pint. I chose a yummy apple cider and found my seat. All the supplies were set up and the pallet was ready on a tabletop easel.


Rather than teaching to the entire group, the instructor walked around to each table giving us our steps, which was nice because in between we had time to visit.

First up, I gave the pallet a white wash using mostly water and a little white paint.


The next step was to use construction paper to cut out a heart template. I did this old school style, folding the paper in half and cutting out half a heart. The sample pallet was horizontal, but I decided I wanted to do my pallet vertical, so I made a heart template that would fill the pallet vertically.


Next it was time to trace the heart onto the pallet. The instructor gave a great tip here – use chalk to trace the template because it’s dark enough for you to see when it’s time to paint, but it’ll just wash right off! Genius, right?! I will definitely be using that tip for future painting projects.


Once the template was traced, it was time to paint. Another tip from the instructor, specifically for pallet painting, was to paint one pallet at a time. Because the wood grains of each pallet are all a bit different, you get a more even look if you divide your shape and only focus on each part of the shape on each pallet piece at a time.

She also recommended to first outline the shape before filling it in with the paint, and to draw the excess paint away from the outline.


The instructor said I should let the heart dry overnight before using a sponge or cloth to wipe away the chalk. So, with that, I added my initials to the back of the pallet and I was done for the night…well except for finishing my cider! 😉

The next morning, I used a damp cloth to wipe away the chalk. It did leave a little bit behind, but it adds depth, so I’m OK with it. If I didn’t want that look on another project, I would actually paint over the chalk outline instead of painting just inside the lines (see the pink heart in the picture above – that’s what she did!).


I felt like the pallet needed just a little something extra, so I added a gold glitter X and O (from the same set I used on my Valentine wreath!).

I decided to do a quick mantle makeover to display the pallet, and I’m all set for Valentine’s Week!

I love that the mantle looks good with the glassybaby tealights lit and not lit! So excited to celebrate Valentine’s Day all week long!

Party on!


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