Friday Favorites: A Lovely Week!

It’s been a LOVE-ly week and I’m sharing all my lovely favorites!

First up is the heart pallet I painted at a Pints and Pallet Painting class.


The class was so fun, and I’m really pleased with how the pallet turned out. It inspired a quick mantle makeover just in time for Valentine’s Day. Check out all the details from the class here.

My next favorite is the Valentine’s Day Rosé cocktail we had to celebrate Valentine’s Day this week.


It is a delicious cocktail and it’ll definitely be on repeat this spring. Check out the recipe here.

My next two favorites this week are the fun birthday treats I sent to Texas! First up is the decorations I created for a special Pig Party my sorority sister Dayme was hosting for her daughter’s birthday. I created food labels and a sign for the big day.

You can read about my two craft projects here, and check out all the precious Pig Party details here.

The next set of birthday treats went to my parents for the celebration they hosted for my favorite little 2-year-old, my niece! Last week, I blogged about planning a Two-tti Fruity party for Gemma, and this week my mom brought it to life.

She did such a great job capturing exactly what my vision was for the party and I just love the photos that my dad took. I can’t believe how old Gemma looks!

These pics got me reminiscing about the newborn photos we had taken of Gemma by my talented sorority sister, Paige, and they are my final favorite this week.

I mean. So cute and so teeny tiny, right? I love these, they’re such a treasure.

I hope your week was filled with lots of love!

Happy weekend and party on!

On Fridays, I link up with Friday Favorites and Five on Friday.


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