Make it Monday: Easy Floral Wreath

Happy Monday! It’s a holiday for me, and if you’re lucky enough to have the day off too, I’ve got the perfect craft for you!

Start to finish, this craft took 20 minutes. Seriously. And it’s so incredibly easy! Here are the supplies I used:


  • Styrofoam wreath frame
  • 8 floral stems – I opted for a combination of yellow and pink
  • Striped ribbon – I used one spool and as you’ll see later, it didn’t cover the whole thing so I improvised. 2 spools would’ve covered the whole wreath frame no problem.
  • Wire cutters
  • Hot glue

The first step was to wrap the wreath frame in the ribbon. I first attached the tail to the wreath with hot glue, then wrapped as tightly as possible, overlapping the ribbon slightly each time.


Once I had used up all the ribbon, I glued the other end with another dab of hot glue. Next, I trimmed each of the floral stems with wire cutters, leaving only about an inch left on the stem.

I wasn’t going for a particular pattern, so I just started attaching the flowers to the wreath randomly. Because these floral stems have wire in them, I was able to just punch them through the wreath frame with no glue. They were secure enough just going through the styrofoam!

I attached all 8 stems, then flipped the wreath over and used the leaves from the original stems to cover the gap that the ribbon didn’t cover.


This step definitely isn’t necessary, but I opted for it, just in case the wreath is viewed from the side. I wasn’t going for total coverage, I just wanted it to be mostly covered because I didn’t want the green styrofoam showing through.

I flipped the wreath back over, and I was done!

Seriously, so simple! This same concept could be so great with a navy striped ribbon and red/white flowers for summer. Or a light pink striped ribbon with light pink and mint flowers for a bridal shower – so many possible combinations could work with this wreath style!

Side note: I love these flowers from Michael’s. I’ve blogged about them before here, too. They’re so realistic looking and feeling, so they add a touch of elegance that is sometimes absent from fake flowers.

Here are some other shots of the wreath hung up and ready to celebrate Oscars Week!

You’ll see this color scheme again this week as I prepare for the 2017 Oscars this Sunday! I hope you’ll stop back by the blog to see how I plan to celebrate!


Party on!

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