Tasty Tuesday: Basketball PB Crackers

It’s all about March Madness this week on the blog! Yesterday I shared a basketball tablescape, and today I’m sharing a delicious, and super easy (!!) treat – Basketball PB Crackers.

I first tried this treat at Jenny Cookies Bakeshop and I was immediately hooked. They’re super yummy! And bonus – they’re four ingredients and so easy.

Here are three of the ingredients you’ll need:


Side note: if you don’t have candy melts (found at Michael’s, Party City, or Hobby Lobby), you can use white chocolate chips and food coloring.

First step is to create the sandwich crackers using 3 Ritz crackers with peanut butter between each cracker. Then, smooth the peanut butter around the edges to create a smooth edge.

I popped the plate of sandwich crackers in the freezer overnight (I found this step vital so that the crackers stay together when you dip them in the candy melts).

The next morning, I used toothpicks to dip each PB sandwich into the melted candy melts.

I used two different hardening methods. The first one was setting the crackers on the drying rack. This method didn’t work great for me – it ended up popping off the bottom half of the candy melts. The second method was much better – after dipping the cracker, I inserted another toothpick, then put the cracker over a glass so all sides weren’t touching anything. Once it hardened, I pulled the toothpicks out, and they came out no problem.

Once all the crackers were hardened, it was time to draw the basketball lines on the crackers. I used a Wilton edible ink marker for the first time, and I loved it! It was so simple and so much easier than icing for small detail work.

MM 20

The key for this project was to get the pens that specify that they write on candy molds. I’m assuming the ink type is a little different depending on what you want to write on.

I used the black pen on each cracker to draw the basketball lines. To do a dozen basketballs, it took about 5 minutes. I taste-tested a cracker so I could show you the inside. It was a difficult task πŸ˜‰

MM 21

And now my dessert treat is ready for the Madness!

MM 23

Party on!



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