Puppy PAWty Decor

I’ve had so much fun blogging this week about Penny’s PAWty! If you missed my previous posts, you can read about the pawty crafts here and the pawty treats here.

Today, I’m sharing all the pawty decor! I didn’t do too much decorating – pretty much limited it to the mantle and made a festive wreath. I didn’t want it to be too theme-y, so I went mostly with a coordinated color scheme, then incorporated a few puppy items here and there. I also let the party crafts be part of the overall decor, and really the kids cared most about playing with Penny anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

I found that balloon (Penny’s doppelganger!) at Party City. Beneath that, on the mantle, I filled one vase with tennis balls and another with milk bones. I also made a flower arrangement using yellow flowers from Trader Joe’s.

To make the flower arrangement, I bought bunches of yellow tulips, yellow ranunculus, and yellow sweet peas. I used tape to create a grid on top of the vase, then tucked flowers into each grid square evenly to create a balanced bouquet.

Then, I added my favorite picture of Penny, a small sign from Hobby Lobby, plus some glassybaby. I also added white chipboard letters to the mirror, spelling out “woof.”

I made a wreath to match the color scheme of the party, using my favorite ribbon and flower method I shared a few weeks ago here.

pawty 45

On the coffee table, I created a small vignette of decor, then set out all the party favors, or Doggy Bags, for the guests to take home with them.

I found the bags at Michaels and filled them with crinkle. Inside each bag, I tucked some fun puppy treats.

pawty 42

I found the puppy pencils and tattoos at Party City. The Scooby fruit snacks were from the grocery store, and the puppy stickers were from Hobby Lobby. Then, of course, each guest was also taking home their new pup, picture frame, and bandanna.

While the kids were outside playing with Penny, their new pups were safely tucked inside their Doggy Bags.

pawty 43

I loved decorating the house especially for Penny, and we’ve been enjoying the puppy PAWty decor all week!

PAWty on!

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