Make it Monday: Bunny Flower Crown

Happy April, friends! I don’t know about you, but I am very excited to welcome spring! This weekend, Chelsea and I had a baby shower and went in search of cherry blossoms – the perfect way to welcome April.

On Sunday afternoon, I did some crafting to officially welcome spring and get ready for Easter. I found the felt flower kit and bunny headband in the Target Dollar Spot, and decided to combine the two to make a bunny crown. Grand total for this craft – $4! The flower kit is $3, and the bunny headband is $1. Can’t beat that!

First step was to make the flowers. I did most of the instructions included in the kit, stopping before I combined the petals to make the bigger flowers.

Once all the petals were ready, it was time to adhere them to the bunny headband. I did random placement, trying to mirror the pattern of petals on each bunny ear to keep the crown balanced.

I kept tucking petals until I’d used them all. I did my best to balance petals on all sides of the ears so that there isn’t really a front or back to the headband.

I’m putting together ideas for a Bunny Brunch, and the bunny flower crowns would be great favors for every guest to wear, or they could even be the brunch craft!

Check back throughout the week for more ideas for a Bunny Brunch!

Party on!

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