Friday Favorites: I {heart} NY!

I’m back home after ten days in the great state of New York! This week, I decided to start a new blog series where I’ll write about my travels in addition to my parties. So, each time I go somewhere worth sharing, I’ll tell you about it here and showcase it on Instagram and Facebook using the hashtag #julietravels. Today’s Friday Favorites are all things NY!

My first favorite is all the delicious food you find in New York. There are 24k eating establishments in the city. 24k!! I blogged about 14 of my favorites on Wednesday. Check out that post here.

New York is full of so many things to do and see. I feel like there are definitely some tips and tricks to making the most out of your visit and avoiding crowds.  I blogged about my favorite tips yesterday.

A New York trip is not complete without lodging. I’ve stayed in a variety of neighborhoods throughout the city, and my favorite place to stay is near Midtown. In Midtown, I’ve stayed right in the heart of Times Square (here and here) and I’ve also stayed close to Grand Central (here and here). I like staying in Midtown because it’s easy access to the main subway lines, so no matter if you’re going downtown or uptown, you can be there in about 30 minutes via the subway.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I love staying on the Upper West and East sides. It’s a little bit of a slower pace up there, and I love being close to Central Park. You just have to budget more travel time to get to your day’s activities. I’ve never stayed downtown, but I know several people who have and they love it. It’s all about considering what type of trip you want to have, and making your selection based on that. For me, I find that I tend to spend equal amounts of time in both uptown and downtown, so being centrally located makes the most sense.

Part of my time in New York was spent Upstate in Chappaqua at the Girl Scout’s Edith Macy Conference Center. The conference center is tucked away in the woods of Chappaqua, and it’s a beautiful facility with many comforts that make it feel like home.

My final favorite this week is the conference itself! I was at the Global Action Conference, and had the opportunity to present on the many wonderful things Girl Scouts of Western Washington is doing related to global programs. I also learned a lot and feel energized by the Girl Scout colleagues I met and the new ideas I’m taking back to my Girl Scout council.

It was a great visit to New York! After ten days, I am happy to be home.

Have a great weekend, and party on!

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