Make it Monday: Terrarium Bar

Happy Monday! First order of business for today – announcing the giveaway winner from Friday’s blog post!


Congrats, Alexa!

I emailed you this morning. You have 24 hours to claim your prize.

Today I’m excited to share with you a fun and easy project that could be part of your summer entertaining – creating a terrarium bar where guests can build their own terrarium to take home and enjoy!

Last week, I was brainstorming ideas for a craft for a party that wouldn’t take too much time or require too much thinking so guests could still enjoy visiting with each other while working. I’ve had several compliments on my succulent wreath, but it was pretty time intensive, so I needed a quicker activity.


A terrarium bar is the perfect alternative!

Terrarium 4

My first step was to gather all the materials I needed…

Here’s my shopping list:

  • Terrarium containers (there are a variety of options at Michael’s and they’re all 60% off right now – win!)
  • Soil (I bought the soil that is especially designed for succulents, from Home Depot)
  • Pebbles (Michaels)
  • Moss (Michaels)
  • Rocks (Michaels)
  • Activated Charcoal (you’ll find this in the pet section or the organic vitamins section of your grocery store)
  • Sand (Home Depot)
  • Succulents (I priced these at several stores and found that Fred Meyer was the cheapest option. If you don’t have a Fred Meyer, look at Walmart or Home Depot)
  • Terrarium Cards (these are a printable instant download, and I love the design!)
  • Metal Containers to hold supplies (I found mine at Michaels)

First step was to set up my backdrop. I went with my old standard, and favorite, black and white stripes!

I pulled in some of my cake plates to match the theme. I ended up only using the teared cake stand, because my containers were too big for the other cake plates.

Once my backdrop was ready, I filled my metal bins with the materials, and made tags for each bin (I used some green paper, black and white ribbon, and a hole punch to create the tags).

Once all the materials were ready, I built out the bar!

With all the materials in place, I decided that the backdrop needed a little something, so I pulled out my go-to tassel garland with greens and golds, and added a terrarium card to a picture holder.

Terrarium 3

For one final touch, I added in a couple glassybaby votives, and the bar was set!

Terrarium 4

Finally, it was time to do a trial run and build a terrarium. I layered everything in according to my terrarium card and built away!

I’m so excited to add this terrarium to my decor. And I love that it’s low maintenance. This little craft project will definitely be a go-to at parties as we head into summer!

If you’re looking for even more terrarium inspiration, check out all these amazing finds on Etsy.

Party on!

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