Friday Favorites: 4th of July!

How can it already almost be July?! Seriously, this summer better sloooow down! I am excited for July, though, lots of fun things planned! And today, I’m rounding up my favorite 4th of July essentials for a fantastic family celebration.

First up is the boxwood wreath I shared on Monday! This wreath was very simple, and I love its classic look. It’ll be a staple on my front door for the entire month of July for sure. Get all the details here.

boxwood 3

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Make it Monday: 4th of July Boxwood Wreath

Hello friends! Happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and a great Father’s Day. I celebrated with Chelsea’s family with time at the park and a delicious fajita lunch. It was relaxing and lovely. I also spent part of my weekend crafting, per usual. πŸ˜‰

I have long admired boxwood wreaths, but I haven’t admired the pricetag. So, since we have several (and by several, I mean like 30!) boxwood bushes in our front yard, I decided I could try to make my own! It turned out to be incredibly easy and quick, so I’m excited to share the details with you today!

First step was to trim my boxwood bushes. I used pruning shears to trim all the bushes, and put the cut pieces into a bundle to sit for a few hours to fully dry (and hopefully get all the bugs off). Check out that cute little photobomber, who happily joined me outside while I was pruning. πŸ™‚


Just in case you’re unfamiliar, those are boxwoods that line our sidewalk. Thankfully, they were super full, so my desire to make this wreath came at the perfect time.

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Make it Monday: Baseball Wreath

Happy Monday! Yesterday was my brother’s birthday, so in celebration, I’m doing baseball-themed posts this week! (Also, side note, as I type this, my SIL is in labor with my nephew, so I’m sure he’ll be a baseball fan like his dad!! :)).

Growing up, my most vivid memories of my brother’s birthday centered around baseball. Several of his parties had a baseball theme, and a couple years we even went to watch the Texas Rangers play with a few of his friends. And sometimes, we celebrated after a day full of our own baseball/softball games.

baseball wreath

I had so much fun creating a wreath to celebrate my favorite brother, my favorite sport, and one of my favorite teams – the Mariners! I opted to create my own wreath base for this wreath, as opposed to buying one.  Continue reading

Tasty Tuesday: Summer Twists on a classic Moscow Mule

Continuing with the copper theme this week, today’s Tasty Tuesday is all about some simple twists on the classic Moscow Mule, best served, of course, in a copper mug.

Before we get to the recipe, here are some of my favorite copper mugs!

Copper Mug 1Β | Copper Mug 2 | Copper Mug 3

My favorite is Mug 3 above, and I own a pair similar to that one, plus cute copper straws that compliment the mugs perfectly.

I discovered the Moscow Mule a few years ago, and it’s definitely one of my favorite cocktails. It’s so refreshing and so easy to recreate at home. Over the holidays, I shared this recipe for a champagne mule that is super yummy.

Today, I’m sharing some refreshing remakes on the classic recipe, perfect for summer! Continue reading