Make It Monday: Copper iPad Stand

Hi friends! I’m so happy to be back to the blog! This past weekend was the biggest event of my Girl Scout year, and it was such a great event. The teens that I work with to put on the event are amazing, and they did a wonderful job! Here are some of my favorite snaps from the weekend.

And, now, I’m back to blogging and this week it’s all things COPPER!! Today’s project is so fun, and I’m excited to share the details. Since I’ve been so busy, Chelsea offered to be tagged in to create something for the blog. She’s been talking for a while about how it’d be nice to have a stand for the iPad for the kitchen, since she gets a lot of her recipes digitally. After a little research, we both loved the idea of a copper iPad stand, and it didn’t seem too challenging or expensive, so it was a win win!

We took a quick trip to Home Depot to pick up all the supplies. We didn’t have a copper pipe cutter, so that was $15, and then everything else was about $16, bringing our total to just over $32 with tax.


  • 1/2 inch Copper pipe (We purchased 5 ft., the smallest length available) 
  • Tubing Cutter 
  • All below, to fit 1/2-inch piping:
    • 2- 90 degree elbows
    • 2 street elbows
    • 2 tees
    • 4 pipe caps
  • Glue  (Chelsea used E600 glue and it worked great)
All of the above can be found in the plumbing section at your local hardware store. Once we got home, we laid everything out, Chelsea got to work, and I headed to camp!
copper 7

First up, Chelsea cut the piping into seven lengths:
2- 4 inch
3- 6 inch
2- 1 inch

Once everything was cut, it was time to assemble and glue. Chelsea glued the the six inch pieces linked by two street elbows to create a u.
copper 7
Once that was done, she glued the two T pieces to the bottoms of the six-inch pieces so that it stood, sort of like a soccer goal. Both four-inch pieces were glued into the front of each T piece.

*Quick tip about the glue – wipe and clean any excess glue as you go, before it dries. Chelsea learned from experience that once it’s dry it is much more difficult to clean off the drips!
Next, two more street elbows were glued to the fronts of the four-inch pieces to create a lip for the iPad to rest against.
The final step was gluing on the caps, and then giving it a good polish! Bar Keeper’s Friend is a wonderful copper polisher that gives the stand a nice shine! Lemon juice works great, too.
The stand is the perfect addition to our kitchen because it doesn’t take up too much of our precious counter real estate, and it’ll make referring to recipes so much easier!
copper 10
Speaking of recipes, check back tomorrow for some tasty cocktails served in a…you guessed it….COPPER mug!
Party on!

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