Friday Favorites: Copper Crazy

Happy Friday! I’m definitely copper-obsessed lately! I just love it! And today, I’m sharing all my copper faves.

First up, on Monday, I shared a copper iPad stand that Chelsea made. It was incredibly simple. Like 10 minutes simple. And I love how sleek it looks. Get the details here.

copper 10

Of course, when I think of copper, I fondly think of my copper mugs and one of my favorite cocktails – the Moscow Mule. On Tuesday, I shared some summer versions of that classic cocktail. Get those yummy details here.

mule 3

And, I’ve shared this before, and it continues to be a favorite that I’ve had my eye on for a long time – this copper cocktail shaker. As I was making the blackberry basil mule this week, I was reminded of this favorite, and I hope to add it to my collection this summer! I love how simple and sleek it is. And I think it’d compliment my copper mugs perfectly. Check it out here.

copper cocktail shaker

Another current copper-crazy favorite is this amazing mascara from YSL. I love it, and it comes in a lovely copper tube! It is scented with rose water, so it smells amazing, and it adds length and volume to my lashes so that’s a win. I’m on my third tube, which is unusual for me – I usually switch up my mascara when I run out, but I love this one so much it’s been on repeat. So great, right?! Get it here.


My final copper-crazed favorite this week is the amazing copper shelf Chelsea made for our glassybaby collection. She totally surprised me with this creation, and said she was inspired to create it after she had so quickly completed the iPad stand. And, it perfectly fits our collection of 20 glassybaby, so Chelsea says our collection is complete. Ha! We’ll see… 😉 She created it using a similar concept to the iPad stand, and added marble tiles to create the shelves for the glassybaby to sit on.

Isn’t it fab?! I just love it! Have a wonderful weekend!

Party on!

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