Make it Monday: Baseball Wreath

Happy Monday! Yesterday was my brother’s birthday, so in celebration, I’m doing baseball-themed posts this week! (Also, side note, as I type this, my SIL is in labor with my nephew, so I’m sure he’ll be a baseball fan like his dad!! :)).

Growing up, my most vivid memories of my brother’s birthday centered around baseball. Several of his parties had a baseball theme, and a couple years we even went to watch the Texas Rangers play with a few of his friends. And sometimes, we celebrated after a day full of our own baseball/softball games.

baseball wreath

I had so much fun creating a wreath to celebrate my favorite brother, my favorite sport, and one of my favorite teams – the Mariners! I opted to create my own wreath base for this wreath, as opposed to buying one. 

This was my first burlap wreath to make, and it was super simple! Here’s what I used:

baseball wreath 15

I got 30 feet of 3-inch burlap ribbon, a 12-inch wire frame, floral wire, scissors, and (not pictured) wire cutters.

First up, I completely unrolled the burlap from the roll so it’d be easier to work with. Then, I attached the end to the wire frame using the floral wire. Next, I started to weave the ribbon loosely through the frame, creating big loose loops.

As I finished a row, I’d scrunch it, then start the next row, working back and forth all around the wreath.

Once it was totally done, I trimmed the excess ribbon (I had about 4 feet leftover), and attached the end with additional floral wire.

baseball wreath 9

I will definitely use this wreath base for future wreath projects! For this one, it was time to add the baseball touches!

First up, I gathered my baseball supplies (all picked up at Big 5 Sports in the kids section).

baseball wreath 10

I used the teal and navy (Mariner’s colors) to attach pops of color all around the wreath.

Once that was done, I decided that, in addition to the bat and glove, I wanted to add an M for the Mariners. I found some woodchip letters to create a “go Ms” for the wreath. I gave them a quick coat of teal and navy paint, attached them to the M, and it was set!

After I had everything ready, I played around with the layout and finally decided on this.

baseball wreath 2

I attached the bat and M with hot glue, and used jute ribbon to attach the glove (the ball inside was hot glued). Everything felt really secure, so it was ready to be hung on the front door, but first it was styled for a quick photo shoot πŸ˜‰

baseball wreath 19

Check back tomorrow for a #TastyTuesday baseball-themed treat! And, baby nephew news!

Party on!

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