Make It Monday: Cactus Party Decor

Hi friends! I’m so happy to be back to my blog for a bit – more vacations to come, so another blog break is in the near future. While I’m back, I’m excited to be sharing some of my cactus favorites this week inspired by my trip to the desert! Today, it’s all about cactus party decor at two events last month.

I spent the last week of June in Phoenix at my sorority’s National Convention, and I was asked to be in charge of the decor for a couple meals. I also used the cactus theme for my Girl Scout Troop’s end-of-year party in early June, so it’s been cactus-everything lately, and I’m loving it!

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Today, I’m sharing the party decor I pulled together for both events. Since I was doing the same theme for both, I was able to use the same decor at both events, which made planning easy!

First up was the Girl Scout party. Take a look…

I had so much fun pulling everything together for this! Of course, the treats were from my favorite cookie shop, Jenny Cookies. I also sourced my favorite shops for the decorations (all linked below). Luckily, peonies were still in season when it was party time, so I picked up a couple bouquets from my local farmer’s market to use in the cactus vases (sold as tumblers). I loved all the bright, bold colors, and since cacti are so “in” right now, I was able to find a ton of cute stuff!

cactus tumblers || paper fans, plates, napkins, paper flowers, tissue banner || cookies and pb cracker cookies || cactus pool float || cactus candle || cactus lights and fake succulents || marquee sign || cactus tealights

The cactus print and cactus paper under each centerpiece were from Michaels, but I couldn’t find those online. The little jars were from Target’s Dollar Spot. The little copper succulents were from Fred Meyer (for those not from the Pacific Northwest, Fred Meyer is awesome. It’s like Walmart, but better).

Next up, it was time to cactus party with my sorority sisters! Because I was traveling to Phoenix, and needed to bring all the decor with me (I packed an extra suitcase and carry-on just with decorations…#partyplanner), everything had to be compact, and easy to travel with. Here’s what I opted for (sorry for the poor picture quality – bad hotel lighting in the banquet hall)…

I brought the same lighted cactus and marquee sign. I also brought the cactus tumblers, fake succulents and cactus tealights. The cloth napkins and table runner, crepe paper flowers, and brass card holders were added to make this event uniquely its own. I decided on fake flowers for cost saving and to ensure they’d last, so I found some awesome crepe paper flowers online (linked below). I loved the way they looked and they traveled so well!

cloth napkins and runner || crepe paper flowers || brass card holders

For these sorority meals, we like to give everyone an opportunity to mingle, so I used cactus coloring pages and Arizona state symbols as a way to assign tables to everyone, and tucked those into the card holders on top of each table. I printed the coloring pages on cardstock and laminated them. For the Arizona state symbols, I used card stock and hand wrote everything with sharpie, then laminated those as well.

cactus 26

I feel like I’m seeing cacti everywhere I go, and I want to buy all. the. things., so maybe I’ll throw another cactus party again this summer πŸ™‚ Who’s with me??

cactus 25

Check back tomorrow for a great cactus-themed drink!

Party on!

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