Friday Favorites: Italy

I’ve had fun celebrating on the blog this week my time in Italy earlier this month! It was my first time visiting Italy, and I loved it so much.

My first favorite is my post reflecting on my time in the Cinque Terre. I am in love with that place! It was so dreamy and I can’t wait to get back there. Check out that post here.


My next favorite is the delicious (!!!) limoncino cocktail I blogged about on Tuesday. It is so yummy, and the perfect cocktail to wrap up these last warm days of summer. Get that recipe here.

limoncello 11

Favorite number three is getting to reflect on my time in Florence. Florence was amazing. I really enjoyed our time there, and would love to go back. I wouldn’t go back in August again – too hot, and too crowded – but I would definitely love to get back there and explore more. Check out the post about my time there here.


Another favorite this week is sharing the recipe from the cooking class we took in Italy. We made zucchini and leek lasagna, and it was YUMMY! You should definitely give it a try. Get the recipe here.


My final favorite this week doesn’t really have anything to do with Italy, but I am in love with my new shoes for fall! I ordered these mules, and they are so comfortable and come in six great colors. I opted for the mustard color, I love them, and I’ll be wearing them all season.


I’m going camping this weekend, and I’m excited to get away for a couple days! I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend. I’ll be back to blogging next week to share more about my time in Europe. Up next – Paris Week!

Party on!

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