Make It Monday: Hitchhiking Ghosts Pillow

Happy Halloween Eve, friends! I’m not a huge fan of super scary movies or scary decorations, but I LOVE The Haunted Mansion ride at Walt Disney World. It’s so whimsical and fun. And, it happens to be my dad’s favorite ride, so I like sharing the memories of riding in our “Doom Buggy” together with him.

So that’s what inspired this fun, bold pillow, perfect for Halloween! I decided to stick with the black-and-white color scheme I’ve been crushing on for Halloween this year. Creating it was super easy, and I’m excited to do more iron-on projects in the future!


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Friday Favorites: Birthday Week

Happy Friday! This has been an extra fun week because I celebrated my 36th birthday on Wednesday, and that’s my first favorite πŸ™‚

I took the day off of work, and Chelsea, Penny, and I went for a hike and then out to lunch in Leavenworth. Leavenworth is a little Bavarian Village in the mountains, and it is so charming! Our hike was great, too, because we had the trail totally to ourselves and the fall colors were gorgeous.

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36 Things at 36

Today I’m 36 years old! Honestly, I can’t even believe it. Sometimes, I still feel very much like I’m in my 20s, and I forget that I’m closer to 40. WOW! My 30s have been very blessed, and this last year is no exception. To celebrate another wonderful year, I’m sharing 36 things about me at the age of 36.


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Happy Founders Day, Kappa Delta!

Today is a special day for my sorority, because it is the 120th anniversary of our founding! I love being a sorority woman, and I credit Kappa Delta for so many of the opportunities and experiences I’ve been afforded.

Last year, I shared my sorority story, and I’m linking back to that this year, too. Since I shared last year, I’ve made a few transitions in my volunteer roles in Kappa Delta. Now, as a member of the sorority’s National Leadership Team, I get to work with alumna chapter advisors. I love that work, and I love getting to see the passion and commitment other volunteers have for our beloved Kappa Delta.

In my local role, supporting the Kappa Delta Chapter at Washington State University, I am currently advising the Vice President of Community Service. I really enjoy this role as well, because I get to support the college women as they share their time and talent with the local community and local Girl Scouts.

You can read about my sorority journey here.

KD 2017

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Friday Favorites: Camping Sip ‘N See

Hi friends, and happy Friday! This week, I’ve been sharing bits and pieces from the Sip ‘N See I helped my mom plan for my nephew! We started brainstorming this idea right when Desmond was born in June, and the party was last weekend. Unfortunately, I couldn’t be in Dallas for the actual event, but I was so happy to have the opportunity to help plan it from afar! My favorites this week are all about the celebration, so let’s take a look!

My first favorite is the adorable invitation we had made for the party. I searched on Etsy for the perfect invite, and I was so pleased with this choice. The invite is a digital file, and Audriana customized it to fit the details of the party. Then, I had it printed through Costco. The turnaround time was really quick – right around 7 days – and printing at Costco is inexpensive ($17 for 25 invites!). They definitely set the tone for the party and the decorations/color choices we chose from there.

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Tasty Tuesday: S’more Bites

I’m so excited for today’s post, because it’s a guest post, of sorts, by my mom! She made some delicious s’mores bites for my nephew’s Sip ‘N See (if you missed yesterday’s post about the Sip ‘N See decor, check that out here). I knew these little treats would be a hit, and I wanted to share them with you, so I asked if she’d take pictures of her process and she happily agreed. So, welcome my mom, Kay, to the blog!

My mom was inspired by this recipe, but altered it just a bit to fit the theme of the Camping Sip ‘N See, using actual Hershey Bars, instead of kisses, just like you would in a real s’more. (A easy copy/paste version of the recipe, with no pictures, is included at the bottom of this post). 


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Make it Monday: Camping Sip ‘N See

Happy Monday, all! This past weekend, my parents hosted a lovely Sip ‘N See for my nephew! For my non-Southern friends, a Sip ‘N See is basically a shower that you have after the baby is born, and it gives everyone a chance to SIP drinks and SEE the baby.


Unfortunately, due to my busy work schedule this fall, I was unable to fly down to Texas to help host the shower, but I did get the chance to help my mom with a bunch of the prep. I helped her come up with the theme, we brainstormed together on party ideas, and I took care of a lot of the decor.

This week I’ll be sharing all the details from the party, starting today with the decorations. I had so much fun planning this Sip ‘N See, and I was so excited to see how it all came together yesterday at the party.Β  Continue reading

Friday Favorites: Black and White Halloween

Hi friends! It’s Friday the 13th – spooky!! So that means it’s the perfect day to share my favorite theme for this year’s Halloween party – all black and white decor. This week, I’ve shared a couple party ideas using this color color scheme. I thought it’d be fun to step outside my comfort zone and go with just black and white this year. If you’ve read my blog for a while now, you know that I. LOVE. COLOR. So black and white is definitely new for me, and I am actually really loving it! So, all my favorites this week are about that.

First up is the centerpiece I made on Monday. This black-and-white floral topped pumpkin took me five minutes. Seriously!


I’m really loving how it turned out, and it is the perfect addition to my black-and-white Halloween tablescape. Michaels has these foam pumpkins in white, teal, and orange, too, so no matter what look you’re going for, you could make one of these yourself. Get the details here.Β  Continue reading

Thirsty Thursday: Spooky BOOzy Shake

Happy Thursday, friends! I’ve decided to start organizing my blog posts a little differently. When I share food recipes, I’ll post as part of Tasty Tuesday, and when I share cocktail/drink recipes, I’ll post as part of Thirsty Thursday. That way, it’s easier to find a particular recipe when searching my site. So, that said, let’s dive into the BOO-zy deliciousness of today’s yummy shake!


In keeping with the black and white theme this week (see my pumpkin centerpiece idea here), I decided to create a boozy Oreo shake with vanilla ice cream and peppermint schnapps. Here’s the recipe Continue reading

Make It Monday: Black and White Pumpkin

Hi friends! I missed you last week! I had a blast in Ohio at #GIRL2017, the National Conference for Girl Scouts which happens every three years. It was a week filled with inspiring speakers, amazing Girl Scouts, and tons of fun. Here are a few snapshots.

I was in charge of the stage shows, which meant I got to meet so many amazing people, including former Secretary of the Interior, Sally Jewell. It was a great event, and I’m so glad I got to be part of it.

And, now I’m happy to be back to blogging! This week, I’m celebrating Halloween, Continue reading