Thirsty Thursday: Spooky BOOzy Shake

Happy Thursday, friends! I’ve decided to start organizing my blog posts a little differently. When I share food recipes, I’ll post as part of Tasty Tuesday, and when I share cocktail/drink recipes, I’ll post as part of Thirsty Thursday. That way, it’s easier to find a particular recipe when searching my site. So, that said, let’s dive into the BOO-zy deliciousness of today’s yummy shake!


In keeping with the black and white theme this week (see my pumpkin centerpiece idea here), I decided to create a boozy Oreo shake with vanilla ice cream and peppermint schnapps. Here’s the recipe for two 16 oz.  shakes..


3 cups vanilla ice cream
3 ounces peppermint schnapps (more if you want it to be more BOO-zy)
12 Oreos
Hot Fudge
Eye Candies (found these in the baking section of my grocery store)
Milk (only to thin, based on desired texture)

I put the ice cream, schnapps, and Oreos into my blender, and pulsed until combined. I added probably a 1/4 cup of milk to get it thin enough to sip through a straw. If you like your shake thicker, you won’t need as much milk.


Next I melted the fudge in the microwave to thin it out a bit, then used a spoon to splatter it inside my cup of choice – I used a mason jar.


I filled the jar with the shake, then used a little dab of fudge on the back of each eye to attach it to the mason jar, added a straw, and it was ready to serve!


This shake will be perfect to celebrate Halloween! It would be easy to make non-alcoholic by just leaving the schnapps out. If you still want the peppermint flavor, you could substitute peppermint extract or use peppermint ice cream.

Tomorrow I’ll be bringing it all together with a black and white Halloween tablescape and party ideas to make the perfect Halloween party for you and your friends. See you tomorrow!

Party on!

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