Make it Monday: Camping Sip ‘N See

Happy Monday, all! This past weekend, my parents hosted a lovely Sip ‘N See for my nephew! For my non-Southern friends, a Sip ‘N See is basically a shower that you have after the baby is born, and it gives everyone a chance to SIP drinks and SEE the baby.


Unfortunately, due to my busy work schedule this fall, I was unable to fly down to Texas to help host the shower, but I did get the chance to help my mom with a bunch of the prep. I helped her come up with the theme, we brainstormed together on party ideas, and I took care of a lot of the decor.

This week I’ll be sharing all the details from the party, starting today with the decorations. I had so much fun planning this Sip ‘N See, and I was so excited to see how it all came together yesterday at the party.Β 


One thing I made was a fun felt mountain banner. I was inspired by a picture I saw on Etsy, and thought that’d be easy enough to make, so I went for it. I used gray felt for the mountains, white glitter felt for the snow, and strips of flannel fabric to add some texture to the banner.


I started first by cutting out a mountain pattern, then traced that onto the felt. After cutting out the mountains, I cut the snow cap off the original pattern, so it’d be the exact size I needed. Then I traced my snow cap on the white felt and cut those out, too.

Once all the felt pieces were ready to go, I got my twine and laid it out, spacing the mountains how I wanted them along the twine, I glued the snow cap to the mountain with the twine running through the top, securing it all together with glue. While the mountains were drying, I tore one-inch strips of felt. Once everything was dry, I tied the felt strips onto the twine using a simple not. And, done! Easy peasy!

Another craft project for the Sip N’ See was the tags for the favors. I found these adorable antler wine stoppers at a wedding favor shop online, and I knew they’d be just perfect. I used some basic brown tags, and hand wrote on each one “So nice to finally meet you, deer. Love, Desmond.” It sounds like they were a hit at the party, which I was so happy to hear!

And, another favorite part of the party prep was gathering vintage camping gear from the local antique shops in Snohomish. I was fortunate to find a ton of great stuff, including some vintage lanterns, vintage thermos bottles, and camping dishes. My mom also gathered a bunch of her decor from their cabin, plus a few of Desmond’s newborn pictures, and used it all in little touches throughout the house. It all looked so great!

All in all, both my mom and I were pleased with the decorations! We wanted it to be themed, but not over the top, and I think that’s exactly the vibe we got. Tomorrow, I’ll be sharing details about all the delicious food served at the party, including an amazing dessert recipe. See you back here tomorrow!

Party on!


4 thoughts on “Make it Monday: Camping Sip ‘N See

  1. emyad says:

    SOOO cute, but I’m not sure why you had to brainstorm to figure out this theme – no brainer for your fam!! So cute Julie and way to go Kay – it looks adorable.


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