Friday Favorites: Camping Sip ‘N See

Hi friends, and happy Friday! This week, I’ve been sharing bits and pieces from the Sip ‘N See I helped my mom plan for my nephew! We started brainstorming this idea right when Desmond was born in June, and the party was last weekend. Unfortunately, I couldn’t be in Dallas for the actual event, but I was so happy to have the opportunity to help plan it from afar! My favorites this week are all about the celebration, so let’s take a look!

My first favorite is the adorable invitation we had made for the party. I searched on Etsy for the perfect invite, and I was so pleased with this choice. The invite is a digital file, and Audriana customized it to fit the details of the party. Then, I had it printed through Costco. The turnaround time was really quick – right around 7 days – and printing at Costco is inexpensive ($17 for 25 invites!). They definitely set the tone for the party and the decorations/color choices we chose from there.

My next favorite is all the decorations I made for my mom to incorporate into the party. I shared a fun flannel, mountain banner, along with some other camping decor on Monday. Check out that post here.


On Tuesday, I shared a delicious s’more bites recipe that my mom made for the party. It was the perfect camping-themed treat, and everyone loved it. A favorite this week for sure! Get the recipe here.


Another favorite is all the other yummy food my mom made for the party. The party was at 1:00, so there wasn’t a need for a full meal, so she just opted for snacks. As we were brainstorming ideas, we settled on a few themed items (pigs in a sleeping bag and trail mix), and then some staples (veggie tray, cheese tray, chips and dip).

Also, side note – see that awesome wooden mountain scene in the background? Chelsea made that for my dad for his birthday! So cool, right?!


Since the party was hosted in October, but the weather in Texas can feel like summer even then, we decided that an Apple Cider bar with both hot and cold apple cider options would make it versatile no matter the weather. Fortunately, that day the weather was pretty mild, so it was nice that both options were available.


And my final favorite is all the fun cups, plates, and napkins we found to really tie the whole thing together! The wood slice plates were perfect, and I loved the mixed plaid cloth napkins so much. The camping cups I found for the cold cider were very festive AND kid friendly. I didn’t find any cups I really loved for the hot drinks, but I liked the idea of decorating a sleeve to fit the theme. So, I ordered some plain brown sleeves and used a brown sharpie and just made my own. I was really happy with how they turned out, and I thought they were a fun touch for the Apple Cider bar.

I love how everything came together, and I’m so glad so many people were able to come meet Baby D. I’m counting down the days until I get to see him and his big sister myself!

Have a great weekend!

Party on!

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