Make It Monday: Hitchhiking Ghosts Pillow

Happy Halloween Eve, friends! I’m not a huge fan of super scary movies or scary decorations, but I LOVE The Haunted Mansion ride at Walt Disney World. It’s so whimsical and fun. And, it happens to be my dad’s favorite ride, so I like sharing the memories of riding in our “Doom Buggy” together with him.

So that’s what inspired this fun, bold pillow, perfect for Halloween! I decided to stick with the black-and-white color scheme I’ve been crushing on for Halloween this year. Creating it was super easy, and I’m excited to do more iron-on projects in the future!


I used my Cricut for this project, which made it incredibly simple. I got some of the Cricut brand iron-on sheets in black from Michaels, and I purchased a plain white pillow case from Amazon. I found the pillow form at Michaels, but I also like to buy pillows from Home Goods because they’re usually down-filled so they can be molded more easily (thanks to my friend Dayme for that tip!).

The first step was selecting the font I wanted to use. I selected a bold type for the top and bottom words, and a cursive font for the middle word. The Cricut design center has a ruler, so I was able to easily select my font and size it to fit on the pillow perfectly. I loaded the iron-on sheet into my Cricut, hit go, and let it do its magic.

Once the design was cut, I peeled away the excess, and followed the package directions to iron the design onto the pillow case. I used a bandana to protect my design as I ironed it on. It is the perfect thickness to ensure the design adheres and is still protected from getting burned/melted.

Once it was done, I stuffed the pillow inside the case, and ta-da! Done! It looks great paired with black-and-white buffalo plaid on our black leather reading chair.

I really love my Cricut for simple, quick projects like this one. I’ve used it for personalized gifts and decorations, and I feel like the investment is totally worth it.

Happy Halloween! And, beware of hitchhiking ghosts tomorrow!

Party on!

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