Make It Monday: House Divided Wreath

Thanksgiving is just over a week away, which also means the biggest college football rivalry games are coming soon, too. And in Washington state, that game is Apple Cup! I didn’t go to college in Washington, but since I work closely with the Kappa Delta chapter at Washington State University, I consider myself a Coug! Plus, the football coach, Mike Leach, coached at Texas Tech (Go Red Raiders!!) when I was a student there, so WSU is the obvious choice for my loyalty.

Chelsea went to the University of Washington, so come Apple Cup Weekend, we are a house divided!

I thought it’d be fun to celebrate Apple Cup with a new House Divided wreath for our front door. I visited Michaels for supplies, and came home ready to craft! Here’s what I bought:

I decided on the bolder wreath frame so that it’d be substantial in comparison to the flowers. I also decided that since my flowers would be all different colors to represent the two schools, I wanted them to all be the same type of flower, peonies. I bought little wooden squares and school stickers, plus a wooden football and football ribbon to tie everything together.

I started first with the layering of the flowers onto the wreath.

Next, I played around with the ribbon. After about a half hour of tucking it in different places, trying different sized bows, I wasn’t satisfied. So, I decided to let it sit overnight and come back to it the next day.

The next day, I eventually decided to create one big bow that would compliment the big bold flowers. And then I tucked in the wood squares and wooden football to add extra touches.


When I want to create a bold bow, I like to use wired ribbon. It holds its shape, and even the bow tails can be formed to add depth and interest. Sometimes I’ll also add a dab of glue to the tail to attach it to the opposite side of the wreath so that it stays in place.


I’m so happy with how the wreath turned out, and I’m excited for rivalry week and, of course, Thanksgiving!


Are you a house divided? What two teams does your house root for??

Party on!

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