Make it Monday: Valentine Creation Station

Happy Monday, friends! This weekend, I got to spend some time with my Girl Scout Troop checking another item off their Senior Year Bucket List! We rented a cabin in Leavenworth, Washington and I brought some fun crafts for us to enjoy.


In preparation for the weekend, my first stop was Michaels, where I picked up a variety of Valentines cards and stickers, plus I found a cute felt flower craft. My girls love roses, so I thought it would be fun for them to make a little mini bouquet. My vision for the cards and stickers was that the girls could make Valentines cards for each other.

I gathered my pink and red scissors, and pink and red sharpies and stored them in my red craft bin to keep with the classic Valentine’s color scheme. I also brought my red polka dot wrapping paper to protect the crafting surface.

I found these adorable envelopes in the Target dollar spot, and picked them up to hold our Valentines. I used my Cricut to embellish them with each girl’s name using red foil iron-on material.


I’m so happy with how they turned out, and the girls loved them! They have a little button inside the flap to hold them closed, and the felt is nice and sturdy so they should hold up really well.

I set everything up on the coffee table at our cabin, then set their felt envelopes out for everyone to put Valentines for each other inside.

The girls got really into it and had a ton of fun crafting and visiting with each other. This would be a fun activity to do with coworkers or at a Galentine’s Party with girlfriends!

The felt roses ended up being sort of a flop. We successfully made about four (I bought enough supplies for us to make 36), but my guess is I didn’t have the right glue. We tried a glue stick and Elmer’s glue, and neither one really held the roses together very well. I’m thinking maybe I’ll try a hot glue gun to see if I can get them to hold better. We’ll see!

The weekend was great, and the crafting definitely added to the fun! I have a lot more Valentines fun planned for this week, so check back Thursday (because it’s OK to celebrate Valentine’s Day all week, right??)! And if you need an easy Valentine’s Day gift idea, read this post from last year to get the details on these delicious treats!


Party on!

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