Thirsty Thursday: Girl Scout S’mores Shake

Tonight is Cookies and Cocktails and I am really excited for a great event. I blogged on Monday about all the details, so you can check that post out here.

I was inspired to get in the spirit of the event by creating my own Girl Scout cookie inspired treat – a S’mores Shake!

This delicious treat is utilizes my favorite Girl Scout Cookie – the S’more. This cookie is two graham cracker flavored cookies with a marshmallow and chocolate frosting filling. It. is. YUM!


Here’s what you need to create two shakes:


  • 1 sleeve of graham crakers (8 full crackers)
  • 1 cup of marshmallow creme
  • 2 cups ice cream
  • 1/2 cup mini chocolate chips
  • Milk
  • 1 Hershey Bar
  • 4 marshmallows
  • 2 S’mores Cookies (or 1 one additional graham cracker)
  • And if you want to make this a boozy treat, a 1/4 cup of Bailey’s

The first step is to prepare your serving vessel. I decided to use a mason jar, because the wide mouth is perfect for holding all the toppings. I used a knife to “paint” the rim of the glass with marshmallow creme. Then, I crushed up six of the graham crackers using a rolling pin and a zip-top bag. I poured the graham crackers into a shallow bowl with the mini chocolate chips. Much like salting the rim of a glass, I dipped the mason jar into the bowl to coat the marshmallow creme.

I popped the mason jar into the fridge to allow the rim to set while I mixed the shake in my blender. And I actually didn’t take any pictures blending the shake, so you’ll have to use your imagination on these steps πŸ™‚

I first popped in the remaining graham cracker crumb/chocolate chip mixture, then 3/4 cup of marshmallow creme, and the two cups of ice cream. I blended this, then added the milk until I got the thickness I prefer. This would also be the point you’d add the Baileys if you want the shake to be boozy!

The final step was to loosely break apart the two remaining graham crackers and add in the final 1/4 cup of marshmallow creme and do a few pulses with the blender. I find that this final step really amps up the s’more flavor by adding in those last two ingredients and only blending them a little bit so there are s’more “chunks” inside. I like a shake filled with chunks, so if you prefer a smoother shake, you can skip that final step and just blend it all at once.

Then, I poured the shake into the serving vessel, topped with a s’more cookie, pieces of Hershey bar, marshmallows, and a straw and served!

If you’re local, I’d love to see you at Cookies and Cocktails. Tickets will be on sale online until noon today here. Or, you can buy them at the door. Get all the details about the event here.


Tomorrow I’ll be back sharing some snapshots from the event, so if you can’t be there be sure to check back so you can live vicariously through the photos πŸ™‚

Party on!

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