Easter: Cabbage Patch Box

Easter will be here before we know it, and today I’m sharing a quick and easy craft to add an extra touch to your Easter table! I shared my lilac and sage Easter tablescape yesterday.


You can read that post here. I felt like it needed just a little something more at each place setting for guests to take home, so I decided to make little cabbage patch boxes. I made these years ago, and was reminded of them when I found one in the bottom of my Easter decor box.

IMG_4287 (2)

So cute, right?! So, here’s what I used to create one box.IMG_4211

One bunch of fake cabbage, a 2-inch diameter paper maché box, some moss, and my glue gun – all from the craft store.

The first step was to cut all the cabbage leaves off the stems. I did this using wire cutters.


Once all the leaves were ready and the glue gun was hot, it was time to start gluing. I started with the smallest leaves first, and glued those up and around the outside of the box, overlapping each one slightly over the previous leaf.


After the first layer, I only glued the tips of the leaves to the bottom of the box so that they would lay a little flatter. I paid careful attention to be gluing the leaves so that the top of the leaf faced up and bent slightly up toward the box.

Every few leaves, I would flip the box over to see if I was getting an even-looking shape from the top and I’d adjust my next leaf placement accordingly.

I repeated these layers over and over again until I had used all the leaves, and flipped it over and had a little cabbage patch!


Once it was done, I tucked some moss inside, and added a little chocolate bunny.

And now it’s ready for Easter!

I’ll be making a few of these to hold treats and I hope they bring an Easter smile to each recipient’s face!

Party on!

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