Kappa Delta Sisterhood Banquet

It’s that time of year again – graduation and banquet season! I have the pleasure of helping to plan the Sisterhood Banquet for the Kappa Delta Chapter at Washington State. It is definitely one of my favorite events of the year. Last year, I did a modern garden theme with black and white stripes and bright florals.

KD banquet table 15

Read all the details here.

This year, since the banquet fell on the WSU Chapter’s Founder’s Day, I thought it’d be fun to go with a “Classic Kappa Delta” theme, meaning lots of green & white and white roses.

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Since set-up time was super short, I wanted to keep the centerpieces simple. I opted for a piece of glitter paper as the base, then on top of that a vase filled with white roses and a green glassybaby. I used my Cricut to draw the Kappa Delta Crest, and framed that in white frames to add to each centerpiece.


For each place setting, I printed a program and also ordered some fun tumblers for my sisters to take home as their favor. I also ordered some great napkins to enhance the theme.


I was not able to be at the banquet this weekend, so I was so grateful for my sisters who went and brought the vision to life on my behalf. Here’s a picture of one of the banquet tables ready to welcome sisters.


Another area of the banquet room was a fun little table promoting Kappa Delta’s Confidence Coalition! The Confidence Coalition encourages women and girls to embrace their uniqueness. One way the Coalition does that is by asking people to reflect on a time when they were most confident and select a button that reflects how they were feeling in that moment.


Little jars filled with these buttons were set out encouraging our sisters to select their button upon arrival.

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Which button would you choose?

Here’s the table all set up at the banquet.

The Sisterhood Banquet is an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of sisters, both academically and contributions to the chapter.

To celebrate the academic excellence of sisters, the Academic Excellence Chair selected these lovely gifts.

Sisters who earned a 4.0 received an emerald necklace, sisters who earned a 3.76 to 3.99 got a gold water bottle, and a tassel keychain was given to sisters who earned a 3.5 to 3.75.

For our sisterhood awardees, the banquet committee selected these fun, cozy blankets that say the Kappa Delta motto!


I’m so proud of all of our high achieving sisters! Here are the 4.0 earners on banquet day.


These smart sisters are holding the KD letters I customized for the banquet! Last year, the letters were black and white striped with bright flowers.

KD letters 4

To give them a makeover to match this year’s theme, I first used sandpaper to remove the gloss of the black and white paint. Next, I gave the letters several coats of olive paint until they were completely covered.

Once the paint was dry, I covered one side of each letter with white roses and rose buds in varying sizes.


I was pleased with how they turned out and how well they matched the theme.


The banquet was a great success, and ended with welcoming all senior members into the alumnae circle.


So proud of these ladies and the great legacy they are leaving behind. Congrats sisters!

Party on!

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