Donuts, Pancakes, and Pajamas Party

A couple weeks ago, Chelsea and I hosted her nieces (the cutest triplets you ever did see!) for a birthday slumber party. I love giving experiences as gifts, and the girls LOVE slumber parties at our house, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to invite them over to celebrate their birthday.


In all honesty, we really didn’t need a theme – they would’ve had fun just coming over to be with Penny (she’s the star of the show when they visit), but nevertheless, I wanted to make this slumber party extra special since they are turning nine. 

As I was preparing, a friend sent me the most adorable “Pancakes and Pajamas” Party theme, and I fell in love and decided that would be perfect, with the addition of donuts because, well duh, donuts.

I found the cutest decorations to bring the idea to life, and gathered a lot of items I already had on hand (many from the unicorn party I hosted earlier this month).

I decorated our mantle with a party sign, some donut letters (I made those using paper maché letters and some sprinkle wrapping paper), some coordinating glassybaby votives, a vase of flowers, a tassel banner, some festive balloons, and, of course, some pancakes!

It was such a festive, fun way to introduce the party theme as they walked in the door. Of course the dog/donut balloon was a big the biggest hit! 😉

Next to the mantle, I blew up our air mattress and topped it with a donut pool float, and then put some cuddly stuffed animals in a little basket for the girls to choose from.

On the kitchen table, I used a pink and white striped table cloth as the base. I layered sprinkle wrapping paper on top, and then added some cake plates, glassybaby votives, and some honeycomb decor. I also added the partywares, gifts, and our party craft supplies.

The girls loved the variety of donut options, as well as the cake pop donuts, and bags of fun and sugary cereal.

The plates and napkins were so fun and festive! And I opted for mason jars with fun straws for the cups – those were a big win! The girls loved watching their drinks float through the straws 🙂

The party craft was making pillowcases. I ordered the cutest set from here, and it was a HIT!

I was so impressed with the whole kit – it included the pillowcases, monograms, a great variety of shapes, instructions, and a little card the girls could take home telling them how to care for their creations. I highly recommend this set. The girls designed their pillowcases, and then I took a picture of their finished designs, and recreated them on the ironing board and ironed them on for the girls.

In the gift bags, I put a few donut items including a donut beach towel, donut lipgloss, and a donut bath bomb. So fun! And of course everything had to be packaged in a donut bag!


We filled the afternoon with a trip to the ice cream shop, making pillowcases, and dinner at MOD Pizza.

After dinner, it was time for a movie and popcorn, so the girls checked out the popcorn bar I had set up in the kitchen. They filled their little baskets with their popcorn selection and we settled in to enjoy “The Incredibles.”

The next morning, we walked to Starbucks for hot chocolate before enjoying sausage, fruit, and of course, pancakes and donuts for breakfast. For drinks, the girls requested mockmosoas (sparkling cider and juice), so that’s what we served! After breakfast, we walked to the playground for some fun before it was time for the girls to go home.

Please note, the girls decided to do some redecorating with my honeycomb decorations hanging from the light fixture. And also, Penny is a really good playground supervisor! 😉

The slumber party was so much fun, and we loved getting to celebrate our favorite nine-year-olds!

Party on!

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